Christmas in Cleveleys

Christmas in Cleveleys

Why don’t you join in to make Christmas in Cleveleys a special festive community time this year!

Decorating Cleveleys at Christmas is notoriously difficult for one reason and another, hence why it’s not been especially festive in past years. However, this year the local community is working together to change that! We’ve had our thinking caps on, joined forces and we’re on a mission to make Cleveleys Christmassy.

Will you join in? The more people who do the better it will be!

2019 is the year when the Cleveleys Community Reclaims Christmas!

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Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys, the Association of Traders and the Coastal Community Team are working together. They’re asking churches, schools, community groups, retailers and individuals to join in!

That’s right, this year Christmas in Cleveleys is going to be reclaimed! Reclaimed by the community that lives, works, learns and visits here and reclaimed as in green…

  • Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys is fundraising – to put lights in the planters and subsidise little Christmas trees above the shops
  • The Association of Traders is holding a Snowman competition
  • The Coastal Community Team is making recycled decorations to trim up the town, join in on 25 Nov & 2 Dec
  • North Fylde Rotary Club is hosting Santa in the town centre, middle two weekends of December

Would your group or organisation like to join in? Young people, older people, musicians, entertainers and more are all invited to come along and help to make Cleveleys festive this year. If you can organise a display or event please get in touch.

More about each of these festive things below, and follow the links…

Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys

The Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys team is a small, new group of very enthusiastic volunteers, led by local women Scarlett Clegg and Marie Farrar. They’re working hard to bring sparkle to town with Cleveleys Christmas Lights and will once again be making the town shine.

Fundraising for Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys
Fundraising for Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys

In 2019 the group needs to raise £900 and with it aims to

  • Light up the palms in the grey planters
  • Light up the clock bed near Wilkinsons
  • Subsidise the cost of the small Christmas trees over the shops.

Please donate via the Just Giving page at this link.

ANY amount that you can spare will be very gratefully received. It all adds up!

They’ve put together a programme of fundraising events for you to support:

  • Mon 21 Oct 2019 – Quiz Night at The Venue, starts 8.30pm
    Thanks to the generosity of The Venue, people at the Quiz and people who donated prizes, this event raised £205.
  • Sun 10 Nov 2019 – Christmas Fair at The Park Club
  • Sun 8 Dec 2019 – Christmas Fair at Tee Time Golf (formerly Norcross Social Club)

The more that Christmas Cheer raise the more can be spent on decorating Cleveleys for the festive season. Please try to support us if you can. We urgently need prizes for our raffles and tombolas and helpers on the day for the Christmas Fairs.

How you can Help

  • Stalls are available to rent for a nominal fee of only £10 for local businesses and crafters etc.
  • Can you bake? If you would like to make cakes and possibly sandwiches that would be very welcome. Food is always a big fundraiser!
  • Spare a couple of hours to help. The Christmas Cheer team is a very small one. Can you commit to helping out at (or before) one of the events?

Please contact Scarlett Clegg or Marie Farrar via the Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys Facebook Group

Trimming up the Town

Not green as in the colour, but green as in more environmentally friendly. For the first time we’re making our own decorations by re-using and re-purposing the things that we find, Wombles style… but in an organised and coordinated way*.

Make Christmas Decorations for Cleveleys
Make Christmas Decorations for Cleveleys

PLEASE JOIN IN. You are invited to:

  • Make decorations at home following the instructions to be provided (at home, at school, your community group, whatever).
  • Come along to the community making day on Monday 25 November, 10-12 at the Community Centre
  • Then bring it along to the community decorating day on Monday 2 December, 10-12 in the town centre

How to join in:

Find step-by-step instructions for making decorations here.

*It’s the first time this has been done so it won’t be 100% green and environmentally friendly this year. But it’s a start and 100% better than buying all new trimmings. It’s a base to build on in subsequent years.

Snowman Competition

Look out for all kinds of inventive snowmen when they start popping up in the town centre this year. Which one is your favourite?

Cleveleys Association of Traders is organising the recycled Snowman Competition. The best Snowman voted for by the public and the best shop window will both be awarded the annual trophy to display in their shop.

Take a look at some that our town centre shops have made in previous years –

Snowmen in Cleveleys
Snowmen in Cleveleys

Meet Santa in Cleveleys

North Fylde Rotary Club will once again be accompanying Santa to spread joy, cheer and chocolates!

Meet Santa in Cleveleys with North Fylde Rotary Club
Christmas weekends in Cleveleys with North Fylde Rotary Club

Meet him in Cleveleys town centre during the middle two weekends of December. You’ll also catch him in the entrance of Morrisons at Cleveleys too.

PLUS – the Santa Sleigh Tour is back! Brilliant news for local children who live in Thornton!

All the dates, details and streets where you can meet Santa are here.

Other Plans

The Coastal Community Team is hoping to be able to install permanent street trees in Cleveleys town centre. They will add many things to the area, one of which is a framework for fairy lights.

It would appear that (like most things) this project will be slow in coming to fruition. So we’re doing other things meanwhile!

Care for Cleveleys

Do you care for Cleveleys? Would you like to join the people who are making an amazing difference in looking after our town?

While you’re here…

Have a look at the homepage of the Visit Cleveleys website for more of the latest updates.

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