Festoon Lights for Cleveleys

Festoon Lights for Cleveleys

Cleveleys needs YOUR help – to attract people into town at teatime and keep our shops busy. Together we’re going to brighten up the town centre, with festoon lights!

Update October 2019

The team knew that this would be a complicated project to deliver, however, various things have conspired against us, so for now this is on the back burner. Have you got professional experience in property agreements? Can root out absent landlords and carry out the huge amount of admin work that this project will require? Can you source and secure additional funding? If so please get in touch.

It doesn’t mean that this project is completely cancelled. There are other things that can be achieved and are bigger priorities for now.

Making Cleveleys better than average

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Cleveleys Coastal Community Team (CCT) has been working hard for the last 18 months to make our town inviting and a destination which shoppers want to visit.

The CCT group of volunteers is working hard to keep our town vibrant and viable for the future. We want Cleveleys to be a special seaside town that people love to visit.  The first place people think of for a shopping trip or a day out.

Let’s Brighten Up the town with our own Festoon Lights for Cleveleys!

The proposal is to make the town centre brighter and more attractive with white Festoon Lights for Cleveleys, similar to the lights used throughout Blackpool. The first proposal is for a stretch of lights in a Z shape over the road, from the clock at Nutter Road/the Regal to the alley at New Look/Halifax (approx).

Festoon Lights for Cleveleys

In place for a 3 year term it could be lit for several hours each day during the miserable, winter months. Bulbs could be on in the afternoon, morning and even throughout the day.

This also takes care of the dreariness of our central high street in December and will go a long way to brightening up the festive season. It would also be possible to change the white lamps for coloured ones for Christmas if the community so wishes (and funding can be raised).

Make Cleveleys busier later in the day

The CCT wants to help businesses to be profitable. One of the ways we think that could be achieved is by bringing more people into town from mid afternoon and over tea time.

We think that people could be encouraged to call in at Cleveleys on their way home from work, for a spot of shopping, a drink or a snack with friends or a treat for the kids after school. Could you pop into Cleveleys on your way home, rather than popping into the supermarket? It would make a BIG difference to the viability of our town centre.

The CCT recognises that to get people to change their routine they need an incentive, a reason to come here. Then they want a good, enjoyable experience when they are here.

Tea time offers

Wyre Council has just announced changes to parking charges, but we would like to give shoppers an extra incentive to visit in the form of a special parking offer. The CCT will be campaigning for an offer, which might be on particular days, free or further discounted. Ideally it would be on one of the days which is currently quieter, like a Monday or Thursday.

It would be amazing if each cafe, pub etc in Cleveleys participated on that day with their own individual food offer to tempt people in.  You could work your way around each of our eateries in rotation to sample everyone’s wares!

There’s no reason why other types of retailers shouldn’t join in with the scheme. Offer free samples, taste testing, discounts, whatever.  Anything you want to do to attract customers to both the town and your own store.

Progressing the Festoon Lights for Cleveleys

The project has been costed by Blackpool Illuminations. Supply, installation and a 3 year term will cost approx £6250 including Public Liability insurance and dismantling at the end of 3 years. After 3 years they should be taken down, checked and assessed for safety reasons. Subject to funding, it could then be reinstalled.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team can provide 50% of this funding with the remaining £3125 being raised by the community.

Lancashire County Council has made it clear that additional lights cannot be fastened onto their street lights, so the festoons could be fastened onto properties with eyebolts. This is subject to agreement/permission from the building owners.

Electricity would be picked up from a lighting column (again, subject to agreement with LCC although this is how the illuminations team usually install them). Unless, of course, any shops/landlords would like to donate an electricity supply.  The festoon lamps are LED and cost very little to run.

Installed in time for winter

Ideally we would like to get the lights up by the end of September, ready for autumn. The parking/food offers can be launched as soon as confirmed by traders and by Wyre Council.

Clearly there is more to the town centre than this central part.

It would be amazing to be able to install additional sections of festoon lights for Cleveleys. At the other side of the tram lines, nearer to the sea and outside Poundland for a start. Plus over the alleyways to the car park and Aldi – and more besides! But we’ve got to start somewhere.

That’s a significant amount of funding to find so we’ll leave it to you to work out where the money might come from! However, it’s likely that there may be some reduction in price if extra funding could be raised to install extra lights in additional areas at the same time.

All town centre businesses should have received a hand delivered letter, explaining all about this project and how to get involved.

Funding and Accountability

Wyre Council is the accountable body with responsibility for the funding for the Coastal Community Team.

A crowdfunding account has been set up at this link. As is customary, all the individual donations which people make will be automatically logged on that fundraising page.

Businesses and individuals who donate by cash or cheque will be thanked on this page, so that a fully accountable, public record of donations is kept.


£100 – First off the mark is Cleveleys Ex Servicemen’s Club with their pledge. They said ‘If all the businesses in Cleveleys put £100 in we’d soon reach the target’.

Making the town sparkle at Christmas

The effect could be amplified with minimal cost and effort at Christmas. For example, individual shops could install their own icicle style fairy lights at their own properties. We will be working with the Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys group to make the town sparkle in the festive season!

Get in Touch

Letters are being hand delivered to businesses in Cleveleys so that everyone knows what’s happening.

If you would like to support this initiative to make Cleveleys busy at teatime, please get in touch to indicate what you would like to do.

  • We need cash/cheque donations, grant funding if you have access to any.
  • We need to know who is prepared to provide offers and what those offers are.
  • Consent will be required from the owners of the relevant buildings, to attach an eyebolt to the exterior of their building. (Which will be checked for soundness at the time of installation by a structural engineer).

This scheme will be promoted widely, to residents of the Fylde Coast and further afield, through Visit Cleveleys and of course all the usual other media outlets (newspapers, radio, TV etc.). Everyone who helps will be recognised.

Will you help to make this project a reality? 

Contact Jane Littlewood on 07932 143431 or email jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

Donate online at – www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/festoons-for-cleveleys

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