Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens at Cleveleys is a green, seafront space right next to the beach. You’ll find it north of the town centre, next to The Venue and opposite the seafront cafe (the building with the egg whisk turbines on top).

Cleveleys is quite an urban place so the open space of the green grass at Jubilee Gardens is a welcome break from the buildings. Enjoy beds of daffodils and their beautiful yellow faces in Spring, followed by pretty wild flowers later in the year. They’ve been planted by the Friends of Jubilee Gardens, the community group which looks after the park.

Preparing for Cleveleys In Bloom

The Friends of Jubilee Gardens have put a lot of effort into preparation for Cleveleys in Bloom 2019.

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New planters have been installed at either side of the obelisk, and a new garden created near to the multi-use games area. The friends have done a lot of general weeding, tidying up and litter picking around the gardens, with more to come over the next couple of weeks.


Plants and the planters have been paid for from funds raised by the group throughout the year.

In addition the Friends have adopted one of the large planters on the prom at the top of Victoria Road near the clock shelter. They’ve bought the plants and been looking after it.

Look Around Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens is marked by an Obelisk. You can see it from the promenade and it’s surrounded by hard standing and benches.


A path runs around the edge of the park, connecting the walk from the seafront to the housing beyond on Jubilee Drive. There’s also a footpath shortcut to Manor Drive and Manor Beach Primary School.

Please use the bins along the way. Remember that fouling is an offence for which an on the spot fine can be issued. Litter isn’t just unsightly, in places like Cleveleys and Jubilee Gardens it can easily blow into the sea.

Features of Jubilee Gardens

Along with the green field where you can walk your dog or play a game of kick-about, there are other facilities and features in Jubilee Gardens.

Useful to anyone who wants to enjoy the Gardens, beach or seafront is the long stay car park. It makes use of the space which was previously the tennis courts of the original park. The car park is also designed to be a multi-use area which doubles as hard-standing for events and fairgrounds and such like.


For young people there’s a hard surface multi-use games court with a high wire fence to keep balls in check. Plus a purpose built skate park, and a shelter for teenagers to gather in and do what teenagers do.

Skate ramps at Jubilee Gardens Cleveleys

Nearby there’s a playground for smaller children with all the usual swings and rides. Surrounded by a fence the playground has a safe, specially designed floor to minimise accidents and hard landings, so that children can play and be safe.

Playground at Jubilee Gardens Cleveleys
Playground – just seen at the right – at Jubilee Gardens Cleveleys

Jubilee Gardens Bowling Club has greens in the back left corner of the Gardens. It’s a strong club where the members enjoy playing by the sea.

If you want to enjoy a grassy field to walk on, or a game of football on a field instead of the sandy beach, then Jubilee Gardens is the spot to head to. It’s right against the seafront and promenade at Cleveleys.

Friends of Jubilee Gardens

The Friends of Jubilee Gardens was formed in February 2016 with the aim of rejuvenating the park. They want to promote better use of it and improve health and wellbeing.

First they set up the committee, then looked at what they might do to improve Jubilee Gardens for local people and visitors to Cleveleys. New benches have been installed, along with flower beds. Now there are lots of spring bulbs in flower each year, and wild flowers in summer.

A new plan to improve the park is now being worked on, and ways to get the necessary funding to do the work.

For more information contact:

Wyre Boat Angling Club

If you’re a regular visitor to Rossall Beach at Cleveleys, you’ll almost certainly have seen the small fishing boats going out to see what they can catch.

They’re pulled onto the beach and into the water by tractors, which wait against the seawall until the boats return later in the day. The tractors then collect the fishermen from the water’s edge and pull the boats back to their store in Jubilee Gardens.

You’ll also see fishermen and assorted boats, shackling up at the side of The Venue to get ready for a day at sea.


Two Jubilee Gardens

There are two seafront parks called Jubilee Gardens on the Fylde Coast, not that many miles from each other. Jubilee Gardens Blackpool is at the northern side of Gynn roundabout.

History of Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens dates back to 1937. It was originally built to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and was officially opened by Lord Stanley on 1 May 1937. He was cheered along by a huge crowd which gathered to mark the event.

Back then you could enjoy a ride on the miniature railway. There was a boating lake and paddling pool. Crazy golf, pitch and putt, bowling greens and tennis courts. In the next old aerial photo the big building to the left of the gardens is The Venue. You can see the old buildings along the seawards side of Jubilee Gardens.


See more photos of old Cleveleys here

Many of the original features were there until the redevelopment of Jubilee Gardens when the promenade was rebuilt. However, maintenance of these old features was an issue. Some of them had become disused, for example the tennis courts was a make-shift home for plywood skate ramps for teenagers to board on. When Cleveleys sea defences were rebuilt, changes were made to Jubilee Gardens, including the modern play facilities for children.

There have long been bowling greens on Jubilee Gardens, and old photographs show people enjoying tournaments in days gone by.

Redevelopment of Cleveleys Seafront

Work began on Cleveleys seafront in October 2005. The scheme also included the promenade and buildings along with the rebuilding of the sea defences. See photos of the Cleveleys seawall rebuild in 2007 here.

You might remember the old beach huts on Cleveleys seafront with the car park behind them, and a patch of rough grass to the right of Jubilee Gardens.

The compound for the contractors cabins was sited on the hard standing of the tennis courts.


Birse Civils were the contractors appointed to deliver the sea defence project on behalf of Wyre Council. Birse was later bought by Balfour Beatty, and many of the same people went on to build the nearby Rossall Coastal Defence Scheme.

Later, in 2011, DONG Energy once again used the space as a compound, when they installed the HV cable in the beach at Cleveleys to connect part of the Walney Offshore Windfarm to land.

When the sea wall was completed the Gardens we see today were created. After being used as a construction compound, the tennis courts area was made into a long stay car park. It’s handy for the beach and seafront and is also designed as a multi-purpose events space.

History of Events at Jubilee Gardens

It’s a space that’s always been used for events over the years.

In days gone by, Majorette and Baton competitions were held there. Lancashire Youth Service held events there during school holidays.

The Gardens were used for Cleveleys Jubilee Day in 2009 and a great evening jazz concert was held in 2009.

On 4th July 2010 Cleveleys Sea Festival was held there. Unfortunately it was one of the worst summer days you have ever seen with gales blowing and torrential rain and the event was suspended at lunchtime for safety reasons!

In 2015, Cleveleys Car Show used the car park and Gardens for funfair rides and inflatables as part of their event. The week after in 2015, Thornton Cleveleys Gala had a full funfair on the car park, and came back again in 2016.


The circus has used the field and the National Scout Car Races has been held there a couple of times. This clip is from their first visit in 2015 –

National Scout Car Races in 2015 at Jubilee Gardens Cleveleys

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