Cleveleys In Bloom

Cleveleys In Bloom

Cleveleys in Bloom is back for 2019 – would you like to help our town look gorgeous?

This Years Cleveleys In Bloom Entry

Cleveleys hasn’t entered this national competition for a few years, but we’re back for 2019!

Liz Sperling is the new Cleveleys In Bloom co-ordinator and it’s one of the projects of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team.

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This year’s entry concentrates on going back to basics. It’s about consolidating what we’ve got as a community and making the most of it. And putting down strong roots to grow from in subsequent years.

Clean Up Cleveleys for the In Bloom Judges

Judging for In Bloom takes place at the beginning of July, so the team will be extra busy during that time.

Come and join in the big clean up on Tuesday 2 July from 10am to lunchtime

Clean Up for Cleveleys In Bloom
Clean Up for Cleveleys In Bloom

Do you remember what Cleveleys looked like before the Town Centre Team started? It doesn’t stay like that on its own!

Months of work will come to a head, and in the weeks before the group would like to give Cleveleys an extra special deep clean to get the town looking its best. One of the challenges is weeding, sweeping and cleaning such a large town centre with such a tiny team of volunteers.

So they’re asking you to come out in force – individuals, groups, businesses – and help out on Tuesday 2 July from 10am to lunchtime.

Ideally, enough volunteers will help to be able to split up into teams to clean not just the main bit of the town centre but also the Weatherspoons side of the high street, plus East and West Crescent.

A Satisfying Way to Keep Fit

The huge flower beds along the whole length of Cleveleys seafront are in a bit of a sorry state right now. They’re also on the route that the judges will take during their visit – and not a great advert for what they usually look like!

Some volunteers are going to do some weeding work on the beds in the evenings. If you would like to help – and keep fit at the same time – just join in. Everyone is welcome – the more the merrier!

Joining In with Cleveleys In Bloom

The Coastal Community Team has an amazing Town Centre Team. It’s just two years (2017) since they started looking after the town centre and in that time they’ve weeded, planted, cleaned and transformed our public space. Now, it’s attractive and well looked after, a pleasure to visit.

But there are other groups in Cleveleys who work to make it a better place throughout the year, and they’re taking part too.

The Friends of Jubilee Gardens have been hard at work, planting bulbs for spring colour and creating new flower beds. They also spend a considerable time litter picking and weeding to keep it nice on a daily basis. They are helping Wyre Council with their plan for the redevelopment of the park.

Flower bed at Jubilee Gardens, created by the Friends group
Flower bed at Jubilee Gardens, created by the Friends group

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group look after the shingle beach north of the stepped sea defences. The planter at the top of Thornton Gate is looked after by the group and two volunteers have transformed it this year.

The Capricorn Singers is a local ladies choir and they have adopted one of the three large grey pots at the Plaza at the seafront. The Rossall Beach Group and Friends of Jubilee Gardens have adopted one each too.

Friends of Jubilee Gardens planter at the seafront
Friends of Jubilee Gardens planter at the seafront

At Northfold School the children are entering into the competition too. Their theme this year is making recycled planters and they’ve got some good ones too. They include a handbag, galvanised zinc mop bucket and even old school jumpers!

Supporting Cleveleys In Bloom

The local community and town centre traders are getting into the spirit of Cleveleys In Bloom too.

A number of shopkeepers have supported the campaign by donating money, plants and materials. Others have provided drinks and snacks for the hard working volunteers. Some have helped to water the plants – before the team invested in a water bowser!

Cleveleys In Bloom Town Centre Team and their water bowser

Members of the public offer encouragement and donations towards the funds.

It’s a pleasure to see everyone working together to make our town beautiful – and keep it that way!

Would you like to Help?

Everyone is welcome to come along to the Clean Up for In Bloom. Just turn up.

Help to weed the seafront flower beds. Watch out for posts in the Care for Cleveleys Group on Facebook.

Come along to the Town Centre clean up sessions. Dates are on Facebook and at this link.

Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group – and give moral support!

Contact Liz Sperling by texting 07847 253740

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