Cleveleys Weekly Market

Cleveleys Weekly Market

Cleveleys Weekly Market is back each Wednesday in 2019 from 17 April between 9am and 4pm. It’s held on the Plaza area at the seafront. On weeks when the weather is too windy, the market will be cancelled.

Cleveleys Weekly Market Gets the Go Ahead

The new Cleveleys weekly market began on Wednesday 29 August 2018 for an initial trial period. It’s good news for Cleveleys for the 2019 season. The trial was considered to be a success so the market has been approved and will continue.

The trial initially began at the Plaza, the circular performance space against the sea wall, and that’s where it will continue. It will run every Wednesday from around Easter to the end of September (exact start date to be confirmed). It will operate from 8am until 4pm with a maximum of 14 stalls.

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As the weather deteriorated during the 2018 trial period, the market moved to Derby Road Car Park, opposite the bus station. Following discussions with the traders it was determined that the market performed better on the Plaza than on Derby Road Car Park.

Increased footfall

Consultation with local businesses suggested that they had seen increased footfall since the market trial commenced. Further consultation with the local shopkeepers in Cleveleys indicated that the public arriving on the trams would normally only walk halfway down Victoria Road West, but during the trial have been walking the full length of the road to get to the market on the Plaza. The shops have therefore benefited from increased footfall. It is felt that the operation of a street market will help increase visitor numbers to the town’s high street.

The council has received a significant amount of positive feedback from the traders who stood at the trial Cleveleys market and who through the consultation process were clearly in support of the weekly market which has now been approved.

Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economic Development, Councillor Michael Vincent said “The trial run of Cleveleys market proved successful and we are delighted to offer this seasonal market back as a positive addition to Cleveleys high street. I would encourage everyone to pay a visit and shop with local traders.”

If you are interested in a stall or would like more information about the Market contact the Market Manager Julian Brent on 01253 887651 or email mention that you saw it on Visit Cleveleys!

Thank you for all the support and to the market traders who have made this market happen.

Bringing People to Town

You’ll remember that Cleveleys Coastal Community Team (CCT) invited Wyre Council to bring the new street market to the town. It was seen as an important way to bring life and focus to the town centre. A way of giving people a reason to visit.

The CCT is delighted that the market will continue as a feature of the seafront in 2019. Hopefully it will be accompanied by buskers and other forms of entertainment. It may even be the start of other new initiatives. Covent Garden Market won’t appear overnight. If the town works together there’s no reason why something amazing couldn’t come from it.

Do you know any buskers?

The CCT want Wednesdays to be vibrant and lively and music/entertainment is an important part of that. If you know any buskers, musicians, artists, clowns, street performers and such like, please tell them they are welcome to perform at the market.

Please join the Busking in Cleveleys Facebook Group. Let the town know that you’re here, and share photos/videos of performers you enjoy.

Cleveleys Weekly Markets First Year

Published September 2018

Cleveleys weekly market has operated for a few weeks now, and it’s starting to get into its stride.

Although the promenade is always going to be a difficult spot for it, Wednesday’s have been reasonably kind, and most stalls have managed to set up. The number of traders is slowly growing and it’s a lively sight to greet people who pass by.

Reports are that the town centre is much busier than normal on market day, so early progress is very encouraging. The owner of the Elegant Touch clothing store got in touch last week to explain how his initial concerns had been unfounded. Not only that, he’s spoken to his neighbouring retailers and they have all experienced an increase in trade on the days when the market has taken place.

Take a look at these photos which were taken on Wednesday 12 September. (Click/swipe from left to right)

Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market
Cleveleys weekly market

The First Cleveleys Weekly Market

Wednesday 29 August 2018 dawned bright and breezy, for the first Cleveleys weekly market. The weather was much better than the previous days of August, but a bit too breezy for a couple of stalls who couldn’t set up at 6am. Fortunately the wind dropped throughout the day and the sun came out for a decent first event.

Have a look at this video clip.

Cleveleys weekly market

And here’s Visit Cleveleys gallery of photos from the first event. Remember that mighty oak trees from small acorns grow! Next week (5 September) will see more stalls AND live music as local buskers are invited along to perform and entertain shoppers. If you’re interested in the buskers (or busking!) take a look at the Busking in Cleveleys Facebook page.

Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market
Cleveleys Weekly Market

About Cleveleys Weekly Market

The first few weeks it was held on the Plaza area of Cleveleys promenade. That’s the performance area at the end seaward end of the town centre and Victoria Road West. In late September the venue changed to Derby Road car park, opposite the bus station.

It’s open for fourteen weeks initially, with a view to it being a regular thing in 2019. It will operate from 8am until 4pm. Weather dependent, the market will run every Wednesday until 28 November 2018. Wednesday is the day so that it doesn’t clash with other markets held elsewhere in the borough of Wyre.

The market is managed and operated by Wyre Councils markets team, at the invitation of the Cleveleys Coastal Community Team. Stallholders for the trial period are traders who have stalls elsewhere in the borough on other days.

Background to Cleveleys Weekly Market

Anyone who loves Cleveleys knows why there hasn’t been a weekly market here in the past. It’s because quite a lot of the pavement on the wide side of the road belongs to the shops. That dates back to when the land was the front gardens of the houses which were once there. If you didn’t know that Victoria Road West was once a residential street, have a look at these old photos of Cleveleys.

Because of the land ownership problems, the various permissions and licenses required for a market are difficult to sort out. So every time it’s been looked at its been rejected.

In 2017 a new Coastal Community Team formed in Cleveleys, already sorting out some of the fundamental problems in the town. Things like litter and weeding, cleaning up, making it an attractive place to shop. Markets is a priority because they bring people to a place, give them a reason to visit.

Last September the Coastal Community Team looked at the pavements of Victoria Road West, realising that some of it is quite wide, maybe wide enough for stalls?

Is some of the pavement on Victoria Road West wide enough for a Cleveleys weekly market?
Is some of the pavement on Victoria Road West wide enough for a Cleveleys weekly market?

Campaigning for Cleveleys Weekly Market

There began months of work to get the new Cleveleys weekly market off the ground.

Behind the scenes the Coastal Community Team made phone calls, petitioned Lancashire County Council (owner of the pavement and highway) and spoke to people. Meetings have been held to look at pavements and bollards, paving flags, loading and access.

The Wyre Council Markets team is talking to and consulting with existing town centre retailers and working hard on the various licenses and paperwork required to make the market a reality. Some of the paperwork (Visit Cleveleys won’t even try to understand exactly what) will take longer to put in place, hence the trial period.

Every possible feasible scenario has been considered for the location of Cleveleys weekly market.

Lancashire County Council require 2m of clearance in from the highway which would put the stalls onto privately owned land. Unfortunately permissions would have to be sought, from not only each individual lease holder of the land but also from the land owners. As you will appreciate this isn’t an easy undertaking. It’s also why the Plaza is being used. It’s not ideal (because of the weather), but at the moment it’s Hobson’s Choice.

Why Cleveleys Weekly Market is Important

It’s a well documented fact that high streets all over the UK are failing. The world is changing, how we shop is going through upheaval, those who adapt will survive and the town centres who don’t will shrivel and die. Tesco in Cleveleys is closing on 4 November 2018 because they have been trading at a loss for more than 6 months. If a big name like that isn’t getting enough footfall it means that the town has to sit up and listen.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team recognises that our town is more vibrant than most. Yes, our footfall is lower than it used to be, but compared to many others we are doing well. We need to stay that way and we need to find ways to make our town attractive to people to get them to come here. Events, attractions, liveliness, life and interesting things are a major part of that.

The Coastal Community Team doesn’t have the resources to organise fun days and events. One day events are ephemeral too – one day and they’re done. A weekly market is a sustainable way of making a town centre buzz with life, and make it a first-choice for shoppers. It can also be supplemented with speciality markets on particular days/weekends.

The CCT is looking to introduce ad-hoc entertainment – buskers, street performers and such like – to add even more reasons to visit.

Do you Care for Cleveleys?

You’ll have gathered by now that the local community loves Cleveleys. Local people cherish the town centre, look after it, use it, support it and shop there.

If you want it to stay that way why don’t you join in? Now is the time for everyone to pull together and fight for what we’ve got.

  • Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group – and find out what’s happening in the town centre and when the next clean up is.
  • Come along to a Town Centre Team Clean Up. Do you hate weeds and litter? Come along and have a satisfying time cleaning it all up!
  • Got a local business? Join the campaign and do your bit to get a sticker for your shop door and a place in the gallery of supporters.

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  1. Avatar

    Hello, Just in case some do not know, I have lived in or near Cleveleys for 61 years. I have worked in 5 different retail business outlets in Cleveleys.
    I use it every other day, and always speak up for it over Blackpool.

    Many residents are agreeing with my news comments, including business people.

    Can I ask if your team investigated the possibility, of working with those retail outlet owners that do have an unused wide pavement area?

    As we all know quite a few have market stalls now. Two cafes have impressive seating etc. To work with them and the owners of the under used outlets, would seem more more viable than the plaza site.

    I am with those that want Cleveleys to continue to succeed, I have run an indoor market stall for a season. Please do not suggest legitimate journalistic comments regarding Council decisions, is being critical of existing Cleveleys traders.

    1. Avatar

      Steven, I was about to add the explanation of why the Plaza is being used when you’d already made your comment. Yes, the team looked first at the unused pavement space, and the situation with regard to this has been explained more fully in the article.

  2. Avatar

    I have a B and B in St Anne’s on the Sea and I will be happy to let visitors to the area know there is a market in Cleveleys. I get asked all the time about the Fleetwood market, which is long-established.

    Some of the traders in St Anne’s have started having a monthly market on a Saturday and that is beginning to grow.

    Perseverance pays off and I wish you every success in Cleveleys.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Barbara, that’s really appreciated! Fingers crossed that he weather is kind for the next 3 months (at least!)

  3. Avatar

    Well i hope it DOES NOT pay off there is a well established market in Fleetwood but per usual wyre council giving cleveleys everything but yet Fleetwood getting nothing instead off cleveleys stop trying to be the next Harrogate why don’t Fleetwood and cleveleys shops get together and work with each other and promote and support each other at the end of the day wyre council does not care would be different if Fleetwood and cleveleys was FYLDE borough.

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