Public Art: Giant Ogres Paddle

Public Art: Giant Ogres Paddle

The Giant Ogres Paddle (above) is one of the pieces of public art which brings the sea front at Cleveleys to life. Find it on the promenade across from the Jubilee Leisure Park (where the cinema is, below).

Find the Paddle on Cleveleys promenade, opposite Jubilee Leisure Park
Can you find the Paddle? It’s on Cleveleys promenade, opposite Jubilee Leisure Park

What is the Giant Ogres Paddle?

Wyre has a Mythic Coast. Local folklore, including sunken villages and petrified forests, is woven into a children’s storybook called the Sea Swallow. The story’s brought to life through a public art trail. It winds along the promenade at Cleveleys and beyond into Fleetwood.

The Ogres Paddle is a whopping 9.2m long – in old money that’s heading for 30′. It’s carved from a tropical hardwood called purple heart timber. Scenes from the Sea Swallow book are carved into it, along with words from the story itself.

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Take a look at the Paddle in this video clip, of it at home on Cleveleys promenade –

Giant Ogres Paddle on Cleveleys seafront

Changing with the weather

It’s a living piece of artwork. It changes colour over time as the wind and rain, sunshine and sand weather the wood. It mellows with the weather, just as a real life paddle would. From time to time it’s nourished with wood preservative, to look after it for years to come.

Take a look around it, sit on the arm (and why not take a selfie while you’re there). This is public art for you to see and feel!

Giant Ogres Paddle at Cleveleys seafront
Giant Ogres Paddle at Cleveleys seafront

Tales of the Mythic Coastline spread beyond Cleveleys in to Fleetwood. They’re woven into the new sea defences at nearby Rossall and beyond.

Installation of the Public Art

It was back in September 2013 when the Giant Ogres Paddle was delivered to Cleveleys. Installation took place on Thursday 12.

Funding for it came through grants secured from the national Sea Change project. The aim of which was to regenerate the coast through the Arts.

Here’s the paddle being carved in the workshop –



See the Paddle on the Promenade

Here are some photos of the paddle, where it now lives on Cleveleys promenade. Why don’t you go for a walk and see it for yourself?


Giant Ogres Paddle on Cleveleys promenade
Giant Ogres Paddle on Cleveleys promenade

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