Hawthorne Park at Thornton

Hawthorne Park at Thornton

An aerial photo taken in 2001 shows a small play area in one corner, broken concrete and a muddy field used as a dog exercise and toilet area.

In 2003 Jenie Phillips (Thornton Action Group) met local vicar Rev Paul Clemence at a Strategic Partnership meeting and during a discussion session the idea of improving the small play area was born, as both of us had realised that increased house building was bringing more families into Thornton and there were very few open spaces for play and four swings in the whole of Thornton!

Wyre Council as the owners of the land had to be involved and insisted that the Community must be consulted. The result – after meetings with residents, Millfield School Council, local Police, youth groups, council officers and members, was an ambitious plan for a Community Park with play equipment for all age groups, lawns, paths, trees and a wild life area.

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The big question was – how to pay for all this?

Wyre Council had some funds to offer but not nearly enough for the full scheme drawn up by the Council’s Environmental Design Officer. With more and more houses swallowing up more and more open space – and more young people needing space to play and exercise, a small scheme was just not good enough.

Then followed a roller coaster ride of six years involving hard work, hope and despondency, sleepless nights, formation of a Charitable Trust, a 50 year lease and much form filling to get sufficient funds.

Eventually work began on Phase 1 in July 2007 which was opened in July 2008, followed by Phase 2 – opened in April 2009, and Phase 3 in May 2010. We celebrated with a party at the Marsh Road Youth Centre with lots of guests – including the Mayor and Mayoress of Wyre, Councillor and Mrs Forsyth. This was followed by a wonderful Community Fun Day in August (2010).

Generous funding has come from the Council, Lancs CC, different ‘pots’ of Big Lottery Funding, Lancashire Environment Fund, and Rotary, local businesses, and generous community support too.

What began as a mini-project to improve the little play area costing £10,000 has now become Hawthorne Park for the community at a cost of £480,000. It is jointly managed by Wyre Council and the Hawthorne Park Trust, helped by numerous Friends of the Park who pick up litter, report problems and generally give it lots of TLC.

In July 2011 the ugly concrete fencing was transformed by the mural showing scenes in Thornton – from the Mill to the Estuary, designed and spray painted by artist Gavin Renshaw and members of the community of all ages.

The Park has won numerous awards – for example last year and very recently this year again the coveted Green Flag, given for an excellent well managed, countryside space, providing an inviting exciting Park for the entire community.

Eggstravaganza at Hawthorne Park!

Easter Bonnets at Hawthorne Park
Easter Bonnets left to right Enid Vindel, Paul Clemence, Jenie Phillips and Ann Shearman (Trustees)

An eggciting eggstravaganza took place on Hawthorne Park on Easter Monday afternoon. It was organised by the Hawthorne Park Trust, with help from Thornton Action Group members and the Wyre Countryside Rangers.

In an Easter Egg Hunt, more than 70 children under 12 raced around the Park hunting chalk eggs and being rewarded finally with chocolate egg prizes from the Giant Easter Chicken (aka Trustee Bill Joynson).

Spring chicken at Hawthorne Park
The arrival of the Giant Spring Chicken greeted by the Chair of Hawthorne Park Trust Paul Clemence

The egg hunt was followed by a Nature Quiz provided by Wyre ranger Mike Tattersall, and finally there was an egg throwing competition with the overall winner being advised to offer his services to the England cricket team!

The weather was kinder than the previous weekend – being dry and sunny- and the event was hailed as a cracking success.

Easter eggstravaganze at Hawthorne Park
From left to right Howard Phillips (Trustee and TAG), a volunteer Wyre Ranger, Mike Tattersall (Wyre Ranger), Enid Vindel (Trustee), Paul Clemence (Trustee), Jenie Phillips (Trustee and TAG), Edith Anderson (TAG), Ann Shearman (Trustee)



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