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Shopping in Cleveleys

Cleveleys has a thriving high street with plenty of shops, including several national chains, with all types of retail for everyone to enjoy in a good day out.

The main shopping centre is centred around Victoria Road West - a straight high street that runs inland at right angles to the coast, with shops down both sides. It’s punctuated in the middle by the main road from Blackpool to Fleetwood, where the tram line also runs, and shops also line both sides of this cross roads.

A resident of Cleveleys could actually manage quite nicely with the shops that are here without ever having to go anywhere else (which you can’t say for many high streets!).

There are plenty of food shops, including a number of local butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, cheese shops and green grocers, along with high street supermarkets. There are clothing shops and chains, newsagents, and discount retailers, along with a couple of independent indoor markets, card shops, a book shop, homewares and furniture, hairdressers, travel agents, banks and building societies, and for the thrifty among us of course there are charity shops. Possibly the only thing missing is the Candlestick maker!

Cleveleys is particularly well catered for with a strong cafe culture, and there are cafes of all kinds along the length of the high street, most of which have outdoor eating facilities which is especially nice in the better weather when you can sit outside and eat and drink while watching the world go by!

It’s an ideal place to bring Fido if you are a pet lover - the husband has his choice of seats while you do the shopping, and there’s plenty to watch and people for him to chat to, and then you can have a brew together at an outside table - most of them even provide water for your four legged friend, there are so many canine visitors to Cleveleys!

You can spend a few hours here without even trying - there are plenty of benches and places to sit, and there are quite often buskers playing so you can have ten minutes, sing along and watch the shoppers go by. Throw in a cup of tea, a walk to the sea front, maybe an ice cream and a tour of the shops and a full afternoon will have gone!

Cleveleys town centre
Cleveleys town centre

Cleveleys town centre
Cleveleys, the centre of the universe!


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