The Towers Woodland

The Towers Woodland

The Towers woodland is a lovely spot just off Victoria Road West in Cleveleys. Now a lovely spot for a walk among the trees to watch the wildlife, it’s the site of a once grand house.

You’ll find The Towers off Holmfield Avenue, between West Drive and Victoria Road West. The easiest way to find it is to turn along one of the small roads at the side of the bus shelter and duck pond on Victoria Road West. The entrance to The Towers is further along on the right.

Take a look around, and there’s more about it’s history on this page too.

The Towers Woodland

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If you arrive by car there’s limited parking next to the gates at Holmfield Avenue. Throughout the site there are hard-standing footpaths, although it can still get quite muddy in wet weather. Don’t forget to take your dog poo bags to one of the several bins throughout the site.

The Towers is a beautiful small woodland area and an urban retreat. Cleveleys is an urban area so it’s nice to have somewhere a little ‘wild’ to escape to. Especially since the salty marine air makes it difficult for trees to grow elsewhere.

Footpath through The Towers Woodland

When you visit The Towers, keep your eyes peeled for songbirds and squirrels. Enjoy spring blossom and autumn leaves as they turn red and fall.

Cherry blossom in Spring at The Towers Woodland, explore with Visit Cleveleys
Cherry blossom in Spring at The Towers Woodland

There’s a clip here of squirrels collecting food in early spring. It’s an old clip and the video quality is awful, but it’s worth it just for the soundtrack of birds singing!

Here’s a recent clip of a cheeky squirrel hiding food on an autumn day –
Squirrel hiding food at The Towers Woodland Cleveleys

Follow the winding footpaths and you’ll find a small pond and wetland area towards the Victoria Road West side of the site. This is home to a number of ducks and waterfowl and it’s a magnet for wildlife.

Wetland at The Towers woodland, explore with Visit Cleveleys
Wetland at The Towers woodland, explore with Visit Cleveleys
Wetland at The Towers woodland, explore with Visit Cleveleys
Wetland at The Towers woodland, Cleveleys

Looking after The Towers

The woodland is managed by Wyre Council. Wyre rangers also work with local schools and youth groups at the site to give young people a better understanding and appreciation of local environmental conservation.

Back in 2012, funding was also secured from the Forestry Commission Woodland Improvement Grants to carry out environmental management work at both The Towers and Pheasant Wood in Thornton. This included the felling of unsuitable trees, replanting native species, and improving boundary treatments, access and pond management.

History of The Towers

Thanks to the Thornton Cleveleys Past Facebook group for some of this information and photos.

The Towers Lodge was originally the home of the Horrocks family, who were affluent mill owners. In the 1800s it was where wealthy people came to spend their holidays. The woodlands in the estate once covered a much larger area and provided the shooting grounds for these visitors.

In 1908 T.G. Lumb (Thomas Gallon Lumb) bought the site and formed The Towers Estate. He was an engineer and architect and the visionary of Cleveleys, who was instrumental in the installation of the electric tramway. He worked with Edward Lutyens to develop the houses that still stand today on Rossall Road, and instigated the 1906 Cleveleys Cottage Exhibition.

T.G. Lumb offered for sale building plots in the surrounding 65 acres of land. His brochure shows a grid pattern of roads with two or three plots sold. This is one of the photos from the brochure, posted on Thornton Cleveleys Past by Dave Hutchinson. The ICI estate at Thornton was booming and Cleveleys grew successful as a seaside town.

Picture of The Towers, from TG Lumb's 1908 brochure
Picture of The Towers, from TG Lumb’s 1908 brochure

The Towers Lodge later became known as Highfield College, which was a private school.

Highfield College, The Towers, Cleveleys
Highfield College

The main building was demolished around 1970.

The Towers, from Fylde & Wyre Antiquarian by Brian Hughes
From Fylde & Wyre Antiquarian by Brian Hughes

This blog is worth a read on the Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian website, by Michelle Harris and Brian Hughes

The Towers History, seen Today

This is one of the pairs of gate posts, the only surviving remains of The Towers shooting lodge estate. See them at the entrance to Holmfield Avenue on West Drive.

The Towers gate posts, photo from Juliette Gregson
Gate posts at West Drive, photo from Juliette Gregson
The Towers gate post, photo from Juliette Gregson
The Towers gate post, photo from Juliette Gregson

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