Message in a Bottle Mystery

Message in a Bottle Mystery

Regular Visit Cleveleys reader Mike Pollard got in touch to share the story of an interesting find which he made on the beach at Cleveleys this week.

Out on his evening walk on the sands with the sea nearing high tide, Mike was near to the shell when he spotted a plastic bottle which contained every beach combers favourite find – there was a message placed inside.

Mike says that on opening the bottle he got more than he bargained for… and the latest in a string of mystery messages which beach combers have been finding for several years on the north west coast.

Mysterious message in a bottle found at Cleveleys

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This A5 piece of paper was inside, neatly tied with cotton, and containing a mysterious list of events and announcements.

However, this message is different to previous finds because it also contains a name and address – of the originator.

Investigating online, Mike found a blog post ‘Mystery in a Bottle’ with over 100 comment posts, following the author Simon Jones bottle find on Crosby Beach in Liverpool back in November 2008.

The many letters that have been found since then all follow the same format – a list of major world events and possible conspiracy theories. Early ones are unsigned and later ones have the contact details of the originator – a Mr Grey who lives in Morecambe.

According to the ‘Mystery in a Bottle’ blog, Jessica, Darren, Isabella, Maddy and Jake had found a letter in September 2014 in Morecambe Bay, just the same as the one found this week at Cleveleys.

Only this intrepid family went to find Mr Grey at his home and he explained that he’d been sending out his messages for some time because he had a ‘sensitive’ story to share and was waiting for the Guardian newspaper to listen. His cryptic letters are his way of trying to get their attention.

‘One was also found at Fleetwood beach in April this year… so clearly Mr Grey is still trying to make his voice heard and the mystery continues!


Mysterious message in a bottle found at Cleveleys

Mysterious message in a bottle found at Cleveleys

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