Dogs on Beaches in Cleveleys

Dogs on Beaches in Cleveleys

Between 1 May and 30 September each year dogs are not allowed on the beach adjacent to the new, stepped promenade at Cleveleys. Find out where and when you can take dogs on beaches in Cleveleys throughout the year.

The main bathing beach is subject to Dog Control Orders. That’s the rules about when and where you can take your dog throughout the year, and where they should be on a lead.

You’ll find this standard signage at beaches in Cleveleys. It’s also used not just on other beaches here on the Fylde Coast, but all around the UK.

Beach safety information at Cleveleys, including information about dogs on beaches
Beach safety information at Cleveleys, including information about dogs on beaches

Ban on Dogs on Beaches in Cleveleys

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Between 1 May and 30 September each year dogs are not allowed on the beach adjacent to the new, stepped promenade at Cleveleys.

On-the-spot fixed penalty notices can be (and are) issued by authorised enforcement officers of Wyre Council. Failure to pay the fine within 14 days of issue may lead to prosecution and a criminal conviction.

The area covered by the dog ban starts at Cafe Cove – the round building against the seafront near to Mary’s Shell. The dog ban at Cleveleys extends southwards to the end of the stepped sea defences opposite Kingsway. That’s the boundary between the borough of Wyre and Blackpool.

The Wyre boundary is adjacent to the Shipwreck Memorial sculpture (below), where the stepped sea defences change to a flat concrete revetment.

Shipwreck Memorial on Cleveleys promenade
Shipwreck Memorial on Cleveleys promenade, where the Wyre boundary meets Blackpool.

Where Can you Walk your Dog on the Beach?

Outside the summer season you can walk your dog on all of the beaches in Cleveleys.

During the dog ban period between 1 May and 30 September you can walk your dog on Rossall Beach or Anchorsholme beach.

Rossall Beach

This is the shingle beach at Cleveleys, beyond Cafe Cove and The Venue, heading north in in the direction of Fleetwood.


Anchorsholme Beach

You can also walk your dog on Anchorsholme Beach. That’s the one adjacent to the new promenade at Princes Way.

Head south from Cleveleys towards Blackpool, past the Shipwreck Memorial. The road rises here and there is pay and display parking against the sea wall. As an added bonus, you can also explore the shipwreck of the Abana at low tide!

Anchorsholme beach, technically it's in Blackpool. You can walk your dog on the beach here in summer
Anchorsholme beach, technically it’s in Blackpool. You can walk your dog on the beach here in summer

Dogs on Leads on the Promenade

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times along the whole of Cleveleys seafront. From the Five Bar Gate at Rossall Beach (adjacent to Rossall School) to the Wyre boundary with Blackpool.

Heading north through the Five Bar Gate adjacent to Rossall School you can walk your dog on the promenade off the lead.

Why there’s a Ban on Dogs on Beaches in Cleveleys

It’s increasingly common at seaside resorts all over the UK that dogs aren’t allowed on bathing beaches during the summer season. Rules do vary from place to place so it’s always best to check with the local signage if you are unsure.

Bathing beaches are the well used ones. If an area is classed as a bathing beach the sea water will be tested throughout the season. The results of the tests decide the rating of the beach.

The Marine Conservation Society rates bathing waters for the Good Beach Guide, which helps you to find a clean beach around the UK. Keep Britain Tidy rate facilities and the overall environment at beaches around the UK for their Seaside Award. It identifies beaches that are clean, safe, attractive and well managed. Both systems help you to know whether facilities are good and the environment is clean and safe.

There are, of course, many other miles of beach which aren’t classified within this system where you can enjoy walking, sports or other beach activities.

Dog fouling is a problem – full stop. It’s a problem on bathing beaches not just because it’s revolting but because it pollutes the sea water. A huge amount of work is being done, at great expense, all around the UK to clean up our shores.

Bag it and Bin it

It’s important that you pick up, bag it and bin it no matter where you are. Please bag it, pick it up and bin it.

You won’t find any red dog bins in Cleveleys – just put your bagged dog waste in the normal grey rubbish bins.

Report Fouling

If you know of a persistent offender, or a particular spot where fouling is a problem (on a beach or not) you can report it to Wyre Council.

Ring 01253 891000. Or report dog fouling online to Wyre Council here

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  1. Avatar

    It says to report someone who is not pickin there dog poo up
    Well myself and numerous people have reported all the dog poo near the butchers up near rossall. Yet the council say they cant do nothin about it.
    So why ask us to report it if the council do nothin at all.

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    Dog poo. Just hang a bag of sandwich bags on a gate or lampost where poo is spotted. It works. Some don’t use the bags as they have their own. It’s a reminder.

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