Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates

Find out what’s been happening and what might be coming next, with Cleveleys Coastal Community Team (CCT) updates. Find out what Cleveleys Coastal Community Team is here.

Celebrating the Achievements of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

A celebration in a bus station might sound a bit weird, but on a wet Wednesday 7 November 2018, the community and local school children gathered in the only one on the Fylde Coast! The event was to celebrate the achievements of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team (CCT), and unveil a new map in the bus station.

Gathering to unveil the map and celebrate the volunteers achievements. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates
Gathering to unveil the map and celebrate the volunteers achievements.

In the 18 months since its inception, the CCT has done a lot to improve the town centre and make sure that it’s ‘better than ordinary’. The Town Centre Team have looked after the planters, litter picked and weeded. HMP Kirkham have helped by painting most of the street furniture, engineering company WEC Ltd has provided a town centre noticeboard, and the new weekly market is at the invite of the CCT. Find out what Cleveleys CCT is and what they’ve achieved here.

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The event on 7 November was to thank all of the people who have given their time and services, including students at Blackpool and the Fylde College who came up with the concept for the map. And importantly, it was to celebrate what a great sense of community spirit there is in Cleveleys.

Little did the volunteers know that their sense of community spirit was to be put to the test!

The new map which welcomes people to town had been left covered until the big reveal, however the vinyl was a little too well stuck to the graphic and all hands were needed to free it!

Uncovering the new map at Cleveleys bus station. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
Uncovering the new map at Cleveleys bus station

Jane Littlewood, Chair of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team, thought it was an afternoon that everyone would remember. “When we realised that the backing plastic had adhered to the graphic in the cold weather everyone just got stuck in and helped to peel the plastic off. In an entirely unplanned way it was a perfect example of why we were there in action. Everyone did their bit, in good spirits and having a laugh at the same time, and we’ve made lots of new friends.”

The children from Northfold Primary and Manor Beach Schools led the group in a sing-song of ‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’ and then Paul Maynard MP addressed the gathering to congratulate everyone on their achievements.

Children from Northfold School singing. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates.
Children from Northfold School singing
Children from Manor Beach School singing. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
Children from Manor Beach School singing

Jane finished by saying that the CCT has lots of plans for next year which will help to keep Cleveleys great. It’s important that everyone works together, much like they did when uncovering the sign, to resist our town centre declining like other towns are all over the UK.

If you’d like to help email

The finished bus station map…

We’re sure you’ll agree that the new ‘Welcome to Cleveleys’ map has transformed the bus station, brightening it up considerably!

The new 'You are here' map in Cleveleys bus station. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates.
The new ‘You are here’ map in Cleveleys bus station

It shows visitors to the town what’s where, and shows off what a great community we have here in Cleveleys.

The concept for the artwork was created by students at Blackpool and the Fylde College (see below) and translated into a piece of finished artwork by us here at Visit Cleveleys (and no, we weren’t paid to do the artwork!)

The Coastal Community Team have been working with Wyre Council to brighten up the bus station. Four of the steels which support the roof have been replaced and other works are due to be carried out to the platerwork and fascia boards. The CCT paid for the bus station to be washed down and the big sign on the roof to be cleaned and repainted.

Thanks to volunteers from HMP Kirkham for painting the benches.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates – July 2018

200 paper copies have been printed of the latest update newsletter, and it’s being delivered to businesses. Watch out for your copy or download it and read it in full here.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates, July 2018

Lots of news is included in this edition, including:

  • Big Clean Up on 7 August
  • Installation of the new noticeboard
  • What’s happening at the bus station
  • Cleaning up the clock shelter
  • News from the Town Centre Team
  • Get your Coastal Community Team sticker
  • Plant donation from Dobbies Garden Centre
  • Bollards and finger posts
  • Events and Markets
  • Busking
  • Support for Retailers
  • Well done Northfold School
  • How to get involved

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates – Stub it out to Keep Cleveleys Tidy

Published on 20.4.18

Cigarette ends are the bane of the town centre streets. Thanks to the children of Northfold School, new litter bins have been made and installed as somewhere for smokers to safely dispose of their cigarettes instead of throwing them on the floor. Read about the cigarette bin project here.

New cigarette bins in Cleveleys thanks to Northfold School and the Coastal Community Team. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
New cigarette bins in Cleveleys thanks to Northfold School and the Coastal Community Team

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates, January 2018

Another 300 copies of the latest update were hand delivered to each of the shops and businesses in Cleveleys at the end of January 2018. Download it and read it in full here.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates January 2018

Brightening up Cleveleys Bus Station – January 2018

Cleveleys is lucky to have a bus station – it’s now the only one on the Fylde Coast. However, it’s shall we say, a bit grim.

The Coastal Community Team (CCT) have a plan to change all that, and students from Blackpool and the Fylde College are helping out!

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
Pictured above are the first year, Level 3 UAL Art and design students from Blackpool and the Fylde College, with their course tutor Jules Burton.

They came to have a look at the site on Thursday 18 January 2018 and talk to the CCT about what the plan is.

The students are going to design and create artwork for a big map to fill the brick wall behind where they are stood. The map will show off our lovely town and highlight it’s many good features. The finished map will be translated into a big sign and fastened onto the wall.

The CCT are also looking at other ways of improving and brightening up the bus station. Would you believe that it’s five years since the last refurbishment works were carried out.

Brightening up the bus station to make it work for the town

It’s important that it looks nice because it’s a busy spot and a main gateway to the town. It’s passed through by people who arrive in Cleveleys by car and park at Derby Road, and people who use the coach drop off points on Rough Lea Road.

The aim of the CCT is to:

– make it a better user experience for the people who arrive and depart from there
– make it a more attractive piece of public realm
– create a welcoming gateway into Cleveleys
– create a talking point

Some of the things that we’d like to do are:

– Paint/refurbish the yellow poles
– Paint the bus station sign
– Paint the benches
– Install a community noticeboard
– Put informational banner signage on the railings
– Jetwash the floor
– Install other artworks

Would you be able to help to do any of these things?

In particular the CCT is looking for companies who would be able to offer any of these services for free or on a reduced cost basis. Please contact

Join Cleveleys Town Centre Team

If you love Cleveleys and want it to be better than average, why don’t you join the Town Centre Team, formed in summer 2017. It’s an important part of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates

Meet-ups are monthly and they’d love you to come along and join in.

Find out more about the Care for Cleveleys Town Centre Team and forthcoming dates here

Get involved: Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group Contact Dorothy Ford on 01253 865494, or email

High Sheriff visits Cleveleys Coastal Community Group

In autumn 2017, the High Sheriff of Lancashire Robert Mitchel Webb JP DL was greeted by the Mayor of Wyre, Councillor Alice Collinson when he came to see the works undertaken by Cleveleys Coastal Community Group.

High Sheriff of Lancashire visits Cleveleys Coastal Community Group. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
The High Sheriff with the Mayor of Wyre (centre), Jane Littlewood (right), Councillor Peter Murphy (2nd right) and Cleveleys Coastal Community Team volunteers (l-r) Peter Kerekjarto, Alison Wilson and Dorothy Ford.

Cleveleys was awarded £10,000 from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to create a new Coastal Community Team in January 2017. The team co-ordinated a town centre retail questionnaire, which informed the development of an action plan. The action plan takes into account both short and longer term community priorities. The newly created Cleveleys Coastal Community Team has representatives from Cleveleys-based businesses and retailers, Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group, Wyre Council, schools, and groups.

During the summer months, Steve Farnwoth of HMP Kirkham project managed a group of prisoners to paint the bollards which run down the main high street, Victoria Road West. It wasn’t an easy feat with over 250 of them to paint!

As well as painting, plans are underway to transform the bus station, and all aspects of the town are being reviewed. The newly formed Town Centre Team has brought about the most visible changes, as they have weeded, swept and planted their way around the town centre. Together they have made it a cleaner, brighter and more attractive and welcoming place to shop.

The 2nd Cleveleys Scouts have also been helping to make Cleveleys look tidy working around the area of Rough Lea Road car park.

The role of the High Sheriff is to be the Queen’s representative in the County, and one of the main public duties is to support and encourage the voluntary sector. After chatting to the volunteer team the High Sheriff was given a guided tour of the town and some of the work that’s been carried out along with forthcoming plans for next year.

High Sherriff visits Cleveleys Coastal Community Team. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

Jane Littlewood, Chair of the Coastal Community Team, welcomed the official guests, saying “All of the team are working hard to improve Cleveleys and grow pride in our community, and it means a lot to have our efforts recognised in this way.”

Wyre Council Planning and Economic Development Portfolio Holder, Councillor Peter Murphy, is an active part of the Coastal Community Team. He accompanied the guests on their tour of Cleveleys and commented: “It is gratifying to have a person such has the High Sheriff taking an interest in the scheme. It can only raise the profile and hopefully encourage other local people to volunteer in this very worthwhile effort”.

High Sheriff visits Cleveleys Coastal Community Team. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

For more information and to get involved join

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates – Other areas of Cleveleys

The Coastal Community Team is made up of a small group of volunteers and a small committee. There is a limit to what can be done with the resources which are available. And so priority areas in the town centre are being concentrated on first. The long term aim is to involve all residents and businesses throughout the whole of Cleveleys in ‘making it better than average’.

Cleveleys Town Centre. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

Would your street or area like to get involved?

If you’ve got pride in where you live or work and you’d like to join in, why don’t you form your own little group?

Everyone can clean up litter, weed, sweep, wash, paint and look after their little patch themselves, whether that’s a residential street or a row of shops. If we all took pride in where we live and work, just imagine how nice the whole of the town would look. The added advantage is that you’ll meet your neighbours and make friends, and create your own micro-community.

Feel free to post your achievements in the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group and then everyone can see what you’ve done.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates – August 2017

Quite a lot of progress has been made quite quickly, which is great, and a big thank you to everyone who has been involved to date.

The Team are trying to keep everyone informed about what’s happening, what’s in the pipeline, and what’s being discussed. 300 printed copies were hand delivered, and the latest update is also online here. 

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates, 2017

Just five months in and the new Cleveleys Coastal Community Team (CCT) has already achieved a lot. Here’s what’s happening and what’s being looked at:

1. Care for Cleveleys

The idea of the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group is that it’s the official ‘community hub’ for the Cleveleys Coastal Community Team, where we can share news and views, ask opinions, hold surveys, talk to each other and work together as a strong team. It’s also where you’ll find Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates.

Some people will want to come along and physically help, others will have a lot to contribute in ideas, contacts, advice and moral support. Please join Care for Cleveleys here

You’ll also have noticed that Cleveleys Coastal Community Team has a new logo and strapline ‘Putting People at the Heart of the Town’. That’s local people, visitors, young and old, shops and shoppers – our town relies on people and that means you! This logo was designed free of charge by The Rabbit Patch.

2. Planters

The big grey pots are starting to fill out and the plants are starting to flower, after the CCT planted them up on Clean Sweep Day in June. The CCT paid for the plants and soil out of the grant fund.

Plants in the grey pots in Cleveleys town centre. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

The flower bed at the Rotary Clock at Nutter Road is also being looked after by the Coastal Community Team and is looking better than ever. Some new notices will be going up shortly in the pots.

Flower bed at the Rotary clock in Cleveleys. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

3. Bollards

Cleveleys Coastal Community team have arranged for HMP Kirkham to repaint the bollards in Cleveleys town centre. You might have noticed that they are in a poor state of repair – you probably haven’t noticed how many of them there are!

Bollards in Cleveleys. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

Work started on 19 July 2017 when 54 bollards were painted on the first day, and the team will come along to Cleveleys for a day a week until everything is finished.

The Coastal Community Team paid for the paint and materials out of the grant fund.

4. Busking

We’re on the look-out for ways to make Cleveleys an attractive place for people to come to, the first destination they think of when they’re looking for something to do. That doesn’t cost loads of money and take a whole load of organising, but creates a happy atmosphere where people have a great time and want to come back.

Jake Johnston busking in Cleveleys. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

We get some good musicians playing in Cleveleys and that’s something that we’re trying to encourage. Music lightens your mood, it slows you down and makes you feel happy – and what are happy people more likely to do? Yes, spend money – and come back another day!

Retail is changing, that much is certain. Out of town shopping, supermarkets and of course the internet are changing the way that people spend money, and town centres all over the UK are feeling the pinch from it. So Cleveleys CCT are on the lookout for ways to make our town resist that decline – rather than waiting for it to become a ghost town and not being able to do anything about it.

Please spread the word, tell any musicians that you know what’s happening, and please join the new Facebook group. The idea is that musicians post when they come to Cleveleys to play, and we all get to know about it.

Update 27.7.17: It’s come to our attention that the jazz band in particular are too loud, they have been asked to turn the volume down to an acceptable level and have agreed to do that. 

Please join Busking in Cleveleys here

5. Town Centre Team

A new Town Centre Team has been formed as part of the Coastal Community Team to continue the good work and look after the place.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

Meeting about every four weeks, they’ll spend an hour or so looking after the plants and attending to any new jobs that are identified and need doing.

It’s important that anyone who helps and volunteers enjoys what they do, so a brew and a natter is a vital part of the exercise, and the Town Centre tidying will be followed by a coffee at The Regal.

Dates and details are at the top of the page, and on Care for Cleveleys. Please join in!

6. Noticeboards

We’ve made a number of investigations and have discovered that noticeboards aren’t cheap and will more than likely require planning consent, so you can see that something seemingly simple and straightforward is actually going to take more time to do!

Keeping people informed about what’s going on is important though, and we’ll continue to find ways to do that.

7. Events for 2018

The CCT want Cleveleys to be a destination where people come all throughout the year, somewhere bright and vibrant and interesting for 52 weeks, with high spots provided by events large and small. So we’re scoping out events and markets to be held in 2018.

8. Clock Shelter

We told you in April that Wyre Council have got the repainting of the lower levels of the clock shelter on their maintenance schedule for this year, and at some point it will get attention although there is no firm timescale as yet.

9. Bus Station

This is one of the main gateways to welcome people to town and it’s not exactly welcoming is it?! The CCT are talking to Wyre Council and Blackpool Transport about how it could be brightened up and made more attractive – we’ve got some ideas but if you’ve got any suggestions please shout up!

10. Parking – for cars and coaches

This is a whole can of worms and in a densely packed urban area like Cleveleys is unlikely to be resolved in any significant way, unless someone has a magic wand that they can use to spirit up a new plot of land along with a fortune for a perfect tarmac surface!

However, the CCT think that there could be some room for improvement and we will be pursuing the issue of parking for cars and coaches to identify where improvements could be made. That might be to duration of stay, cost, signage, information – and your suggestions/comments are welcomed.

11. Pavements

A lot of the pavement on the wide side of Cleveleys high street belongs to the individual shops – the old gardens from when they were houses. The ‘pavement’ is mostly block paved and you can see from the paving which bits are managed by Lancashire County Council.

On the narrow side of the high street, there are still large sections of paving flags which are far from even and quite dangerous. The CCT will be asking LCC to take a look at this. If you have any evidence of accidents please get in touch.

12. Beggars

In Blackpool they are clamping down on beggars and anti-social behaviour. You can already see that this is displacing people to Cleveleys. Please phone the police on 101 to report beggars.

13. Cleveleys Leaflet

Still on the ‘to do’ list! To be distributed to hotels in Blackpool to encourage visitors there to come our way.

14. Councillors Surgery

Would you know how to contact your local councillor, or how they could help you? Would you like to be able to call into a cafe and have a chat with someone and ask a question? Do you think that a regular Councillors surgery would be a good idea?

If you define ‘Cleveleys’ as the area between Rossall School, the Blackpool boundary and Amounderness Way, these are the seven Councillors who represent us:

Jubilee – 2 Wyre Councillors
Victoria and Norcross – 2 Wyre Councillors
Cleveleys Park Ward – 2 Wyre Councillors

Fleetwood West and Cleveleys West – 1 Lancashire County Councillor

Then in Thornton there are additional Wyre Councillors for Marsh Mill, Pheasants Wood, Bourne and Stanah wards.

Plus Lancashire County Councillors for Cleveleys East, Cleveleys, South and Carleton, Thornton & Hambleton.

15. Gateways

If you came to Cleveleys for the first time, you’d more than likely approach it from Blackpool or from the A585. What would be your impression? How do the gateways to our town make you feel? Is there anything that you’d like to see improved?

16. Signage audit

And following on from Gateways, the CCT is going to have a look at the signage to, in and around town, to see what’s here, what should be here, and what needs removing.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates- Big Cleveleys Clean Sweep Day

Organised by the newly formed Cleveleys Coastal Communities team, the ‘Big Clean Sweep’ day was held in Cleveleys on Thursday 1 June 2017.

Cleveleys Clean Sweep Team. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

Following a successful funding bid in January of this year from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DGLG) to create the team, they have been able to co-ordinate this successful event.

One of the team’s priorities is to look at the cleanliness of the town. Activities on the day included litter picking, weeding, planting up the large grey planters and cleaning around shop fronts – resulting in a big pile of sacks of weeds and rubbish which were collected.

Weeds and Clean Up Rubbish collected in Cleveleys. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

Members of the team were handing out information and encouraging people to take part in future events, and shoppers were also asked to fill in a survey about what matters to them. A packed lunch was very kindly provided for the volunteers by The Venue.

Volunteers handing out information and surveys along with Tom Walsh delivering lunch from The Venue. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
Volunteers handing out information and surveys along with Tom Walsh delivering lunch from The Venue.

Chair of Cleveleys Coastal Community team, Jane Littlewood, commented: ‘Today is the first public event which has been organised by Cleveleys Coastal Community Team. We have had a good turnout of eager volunteers. Between us we have made a significant difference to the look of the town and at the same time encouraged people to be community minded.’

Grey pots in the town centre, planted up. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
Grey pots planted up with a mixture of plants by volunteers

Planters before being planted up. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates
Grey pots before the transformation

In January, Cleveleys was awarded £10,000 from the Department of Communities and Local Government to create the new Coastal Community team.

The team has since co-ordinated a town centre retail questionnaire, which has informed the development of an action plan. This will take into account both short and longer term community priorities taking on board any existing plans and seeking to improve their impact.

Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group to see more photos from the day.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates – Business Questionnaire, April 2017

Printed surveys were hand delivered to all local businesses in Cleveleys in April 2017.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Survey Feb 2017. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

This was your chance to have your say and to make your voice heard about what you think are issues in Cleveleys right now, and what would help to improve it for the future.

It’s also important that we collect contact details for each business so that we can keep in touch about plans and make sure that the Coastal Community Team achieves the best outcome.

The new Cleveleys Coastal Community Team started their work by taking a good look at the town, what the issues are now and what might be a problem further down the line. That includes all the many strengths of the place and how they can be exploited and capitalised on.

An action plan is being prepared and will be sent to Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) – it’s a part of the funding criteria – and within that are the objectives and actions that the team will be looking to carry out.

The team have had their second meeting this week and have already covered a lot of ground. Regular Cleveleys Coastal Community Team Updates will be made as work goes on.

Care for Cleveleys. Cleveleys Coastal Community Team updates

1. Starting with basics – matters of insurance and how to communicate with people has been discussed.

2. ‘Care for Cleveleys’ is a Facebook group that was set up when the clock shelter was restored and that’s going to come back to life and be the place where everyone can join in and have their say.

Everyone who uses the town centre is a stakeholder in it’s success (or failure) in the future – that includes business owners and members of the public, so it’s important that everyone’s views are taken into consideration.

Please join the group and give it your support – it might be moral support, practical support and joining in with projects, or even contributing if any crowdfunding takes place. You could think of it almost as a virtual community group.

Join Care for Cleveleys here

3. A Cleveleys leaflet which extols the virtues of the whole of the place from end to end (including the beaches etc) is also on the cards, the point of which is that it’s distributed into Blackpool hotels and further afield in Wyre/Fylde, to encourage all the many tens of thousands of holiday makers to come and pay Cleveleys a visit.

4. One thing that is missing is a town centre noticeboard so the team are exploring that option.

5. We all know that the weather in Cleveleys town centre can be brutal, but the big grey plant pots and the flower bed at Wilkinson’s clock are going to get some attention.

6. The team have set a date for a Clean Sweep day. It’s planned for Thursday 1 June between 10am and 2pm.

You’re invited to make comment on the Care for Cleveleys page about any grotty areas that you’ve seen that you think need smartening up, and are invited to join a team of volunteers that includes local businesses, Wyre Council and the general public, to tackle as much of it as we can. You never know, it would be lovely if this grew into a town centre team who kept the place spick and span…

7. What sets our town apart? Why is it an attractive shopping town of choice for locals and visitors? We need to establish what it’s uniqueness is and then tell people. Is Family Friendly Shopping by the Sea a good description?

8. Events, markets and entertainment are all considered to be vital, so all three are being explored. What is vital is that footfall doesn’t drop and ideally increases. Without shoppers all businesses will struggle and Cleveleys needs to avoid the decline in visitor numbers which has been seen in so, so many other towns all over the country.

9. Obviously a jam-packed programme of things to see and do would take a lot of organising and possibly funding, but busking is free and brings life to the town centre. The rules and regs surrounding street entertainment have been checked out by the council and busking is completely legitimate.

So the team are going to try and fill the town with music, and a new ‘Busking in Cleveleys’ Facebook group has been set up where musicians and entertainers can state that they will be playing, and the public can check to see when their favourite musician is here.

Join the Busking in Cleveleys Facebook Group

If you know anyone who is musical and would like to have a go then please pass this information on. The plan is that Cleveleys will become known as somewhere that you can always find a lively, happy atmosphere and that it’s always somewhere worth visiting.

10. It’s 2 years since the clock shelter was restored and you might have noticed that the paintwork is getting shabby and ready for re-doing.

Wyre Council have a repaint on their maintenance schedule for this spring, but they don’t have the funds for high access to reach the finial. Would you have the apetite to help? That could be in one of 2 ways – raising money to pay for high access, or a generous company donating the facility – with suitable publicity – of course!

Also, what do you think to upgrading the lights around the gutter line? Would you like to do a crowdfunding campaign to improve them and make them into a permanent feature?

It’s all exciting stuff. Cleveleys is a wonderful town, and with everyone who loves it clubbing and working together it could be the envy of everywhere else.

We #loveCleveleys and we’re prepared to roll our sleeves up – are you?

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