Keeping You Informed

Keeping You Informed

Website pages

This portal included the latest information about the project and its progress.

During the project, people were also kept informed through the Visit Cleveleys Facebook page.

Highlights of the project were filmed and posted on the Visit Cleveleys YouTube channel.

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This section gave broad information about how the project affected Cleveleys, but if you are interested in green energy and want to know more about Walney Offshore Windfarm then you can find out lots more at

Leaflets and Letters

Leaflets about how the project would affect Cleveleys and how to find information were available from public buildings in and around Thornton and Cleveleys, including shops, libraries, the Tourist Information Centre, council buildings and community centres.

Letters were distributed to each and every house on the route, and additional letters with more detailed information were distributed to houses at appropriate times.

Public Information

Each of the local Councillors in the three affected areas (Cleveleys Jubilee and Park Wards and Thornton Bourne Ward) were notified, along with Thornton Action Group, and all were kept informed about progress of the project.

The Balfour Beatty Customer Service Vehicle was at various sites on the cable route between Hillhouse Industrial Estate and the promenade at Cleveleys with officers on hand to provide information.

Presentations with updates about the project were made at public meetings:

7 October 2010 – Thornton Forum

12 October 2010 – Cleveleys Forum

17 November 2010 – Thornton Action Group

24 November 2010 – Wyred Up

18 January 2011 – ‘The Tuesday Guild’

25 January 2011 – Cleveleys Forum

In relation to the beachworks, presentations were also made at Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group.

Open public meetings for the project were held fortnightly at The Venue on North Promenade, providing an opportunity for the public and residents to meet the project team, find out what was happening, and get updates on the project and the arrival of the cable barge.

The final meeting was a round-up of the project including a slideshow with photos of key pieces of the civil engineering along with details of the final parts of the works.

From w/c 21 March 2011, there was a public information point at The Venue in their entrance foyer, where the public could collect leaflets, read information about the project, and collect updates.

Press Coverage

Local newspapers The Gazette and Fleetwood Weekly News ran regular articles and updates to keep the public informed of progress.

Other local publications like the Local List and Link magazines, Thornton Community News, Made in Cleveleys all published information.

At Cleveleys, as elsewhere when these projects are undertaken, Walney Offshore Windfarms and it’s project partners were committed to ensuring that any disruption caused by these essential works was kept to a minimum, and the team apologised in advance for any inconvenience which may be caused.

A major part of the works was to keep people informed so that they knew the facts of the project and understand what is happening and can manage any inconvenience to their everyday lives.

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