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Social Wellbeing

Elderly care, looking after children, care in the community or in hospital - call it what you will - all the things that can make life a more pleasant experience.

The world is always changing, and with it the ways that things are done, and attitudes change too.

Families are more fragmented, with relatives all over the country and sometimes even all over the world. Communities are less involved with each other, and everyone lives busy lives.

At the same time, increasing emphasis and responsibility has fallen on the 'state' to look after vulnerable members of society, and our expectations grow in terms of what we consider to be acceptable levels of care and protection.

If you've got a story to tell, or know of a project or charity that provides a service that's a lifesaver to people in need - whether it's emotional or physical need - then please get in touch and we'll make sure they're included here.

You'll also find news about social care - for children, elderly people, and ideas about how to kepe an eye on your neighbours and friends down the road. After all, you might need someone to keep an eye on you one day!

If you've got a story to share, an example of really good practice, or just a point to make, please get in touch. You can email

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