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In this section you'll find out things that help you to have a full life despite any problems.

About this Health Support Section

If you get through life without having anything wrong with you or your close family you'll be very unusual - most of us are affected by one disease or condition or another at some time.

In this section we'll share news and information about the support that's available for different things - it might be the latest developments, groups who can help with various chronic conditions, or fundraising drives.

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How to get involved with Health Support
If you know of something that you think others could benefit from, by all means get in touch and share it.

You can email details to

We're looking for support and community groups, your own personal stories - anything goes if it's helpful and interesting.

Take a look around - the menu is at the right.

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Who Cares - is another section on this website related to all things to do with health and social care - also on Facebook

Links to supporters and sponsors of Health Support

We work with all kinds of groups and organisations to publish these websites - you'll find out more about them in this section and throughout the sites.

We can only continue to publish these popular and well used web sites with the help of our sponsors - and you'll find out much more about them in the Health and Beauty menu here.

You can also advertise your business with us. If you'd like to add and edit your own content on these websites and enjoy the benefits of an unbeatable package, then just get in touch.

You can email or ring 07932 143431. You can also read more here.

Live here or Visit we Love it

It doesn't matter whether you are lucky enough to live on the Fylde Coast, or whether you love to come here to visit.

These websites and the information in them are for everyone who is interested!

Come on in and enjoy!!


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