Horse Riding at Cleveleys

Horse Riding at Cleveleys

If you like horses and horse riding, then you’ll like Cleveleys.

There are a number of stables nearby, especially in the Rossall Road area, where local people stable their own horses.

Riders on horseback are often seen on the beach, cantering through the water and up and down the sands – it’s a popular place to bring them for exercise, and you can see why!

You can only imagine how much the horses must enjoy it (but of course someone has to clean them down later which I wouldn’t imagine is a thrilling task!).

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People have even been seen bringing their horses out for the day to Cleveleys – parking the horsebox and taking their equine friends on the beach for an afternoon out. Now they must be much loved and spoiled pets!

Horseriding on Cleveleys beachHorseriding on Cleveleys beach

Horse on Cleveleys beach

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