Boat Angling at Cleveleys

Boat Angling at Cleveleys

All year round, you’ll see people fishing on the beach and in the sea at Cleveleys, from canoes and little white boats, bobbing up and down.

Wyre Boat Angling Club is based at the side of The Venue, and members regularly take their boats down the slip way onto the beach for a day in the water to catch fish like Mackerel and Tope.

Wyre Boat Angling Club

The slip way at the side of the waterfront cafe is a public slipway which anyone can use. However, the beach at the bottom of it can be subject to erosion at which point the beach material is replaced to enable the boats and tractors to get onto the beach.

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When the slipway is impassable for whatever reason, you’ll see boats being launched from the slipway adjacent to the Five Bar Gate.

Wyre Boat Angling Club


The club has 100 members, and on a still day you’ll see twenty or so boats at a time, enjoying the beautiful waters just off Cleveleys.

Some of the benefits of the club include:

• A good launching beach and the ability to launch and retrieve at any state of tide (weather permitting).

• 5 well maintained tractors, including 2 4WD tractors.

• Low membership fees and no restrictions on who can fish from your boat. 

• Large well equipped tractor store and car park.

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Wyre Boat Angling Club website

Email the Secretary David Lynagh,

Wyre Boat Angling Club

Wyre Boat Angling ClubA tired pigeon who landed on the boat offshore. The pigeon recovered after some freshwater and bread but stayed with the boat until it got to shore. 

Wyre Boat Angling ClubPorpoise swimming about 3 miles out

  1. Hi im looking to buy my first small sea boat to take out for fishing is it as easy as signing up with you guys then off you go sort of thing? Also please could you send me the fee prices.. thankyou

    1. Hi Danny, You need to contact the Fylde Boat Angling Club direct. Good luck!

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