Licensing a Seafront Event

Licensing a Seafront Event

What to do if you want to hold an event on the open performance area at the end of Victoria Road West in Cleveleys

The sea defences at Cleveleys were rebuilt to provide vital defence against tidal flooding. At the same time, the engineers and designers snatched a valuable opportunity to create our fabulous and award winning promenade, which must be the envy of other seaside towns and has brought a lot of attention to Cleveleys.

Part of the opportunity was to create a new performance area to continue the long tradition of entertainment on the seafront. Cleveleys was renowned in the early 1900s for pierrot groups performing on the sea front stage and drawing huge crowds, the most famous of which was ‘Tommy and the Jolly Tars’, now immortalised in the new Weatherspoons on Victoria Road West.

The plaza area offers some shelter from the elements as its set into the higher back wall of the sea defences, with a raised stage area at the back making a natural performance space. There is some seating in the form of benches, and a (locked) power source – which requires the use of a transformer.

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Fast forward to the twenty first century and there are now rules and regulations governing the use of any public land, but it was always intended that Cleveleys was a home to outside performance and we want to help the show to go on and get entertainers back on the prom!

Using the plaza area

There are a number of basic requirements on any group which wants to use the area. You must:

1. Have a current insurance policy for a minimum of £5m of public liability

2. Complete a risk assessment

3. Notify the emergency services

4. Apply for a license from Leisure and Tourism at Wyre Council, three months in advance. A TEN (Temporary Events License) may be required if your event includes the playing of recorded music for example.

Although this sounds off-putting, all public sector groups and bodies will be used to these regulations which are quite standard these days.

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