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Paddling at Cleveleys
Paddling at Cleveleys

beach at Cleveleys
Miles of golden sand all to yourself

Walking on Cleveleys promenade
Walking on Cleveleys promenade

Walking at Cleveleys

Cleveleys is an ideal spot on coast for a walk, whether that means a quick spin back to the car, a brisk half an hour, or a long hike, there’s a route here for you no matter how fit you feel!

If you fancy a short walk there are public car parks in the town centre only a short distance from the sea front. Head down to the seafront and a lovely walk awaits you on the brand new promenade.

Depending on the tide you might like to pop down the Spanish steps onto the sand, and do a round trip up the beach one way and back on the promenade. There are plenty of benches, and the prom itself has built-in seats (with a backrest!) all along the length so you won’t be short of somewhere to sit for a breather. It's ideal for prams and wheelchairs, with plenty of access points and a new, flat surface that's easy to ride on.

If you feel more adventurous and want a longer walk, park for free on Princes Way which is at the southern end of the high street (in the direction of Blackpool). From here you can go down onto the beach and walk as far as you dare!

Technically, you could walk to Lytham on the beach, if you make it that far before the tide comes in! There are miles of unspoilt beach, with a wide promenade, all the way to Blackpool and beyond. On a lovely day, take your shoes and socks off and paddle along the waters edge as you walk - it's surprising just how much distance you cover when you do this!

Walk as far as you can and catch a bus or a tram back - they run parallel to the promenade on the coast road. Blackpool is five miles from Cleveleys by road - probably a little less on the beach.

For quietness and solitude you might prefer a northerly walk heading towards Fleetwood. You could go from Princes Way, or you might prefer to park at the small seafront car park next to the new cafe near Jubilee Gardens. There is beach front, on-street parking further north at Rossall Promenade.

Head through the Five Bar Gate onto the Lancashire Coastal Way, and walk the coast from Cleveleys to Fleetwood.

The first couple of miles are on the concrete sea defences built after the floods in 1977 (and plans are being drawn up for them to be replaced with a new, more effective and modern design). They drop away at the side of Fleetwood Golf Course and open out into sand dunes and a coastal path.

You’ll pass Rossall Point which is where the lifeguard look out station is, and from the summer of 2012 the new observation tower, then carry on round the peninsula to the beach huts and sea front at Fleetwood where you can catch a bus back to Cleveleys.


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