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Places to Eat in Cleveleys

There's something to eat and places to go to suit everyone's taste in Cleveleys!

Do you fancy a quick ice cream, or something savoury but you haven’t got time to stop so you want a snack on the move?

Do you want to sit down and have a bite to eat or a full meal in a cafe or pub, or maybe a an evening meal out in a restaurant, bar or grill is more you!

There are plenty of places to eat in Cleveleys and on the Fylde Coast!

In Cleveleys town centre and on the side streets there are plenty of restaurants for a meal in the daytime or the evening. Pavement cafes line both sides of the high street, and perfect seaside fish and chip shops - for everyone’s taste and budget.

Head out of the town centre into the surrounding areas and you'll find restaurants on the sea front, including The Venue with bar meals or upstairs fine dining in La Mezzaluna. On the main route into Cleveleys from Blackpool, you'll find The Briardene Hotel, which not only caters for their hotel guests, but their restaurant is also open to the public.

There are places to sit for a minute if you want a quick takeaway bite to eat, with picnic tables on the prom and plenty of benches in the town centre. Don’t bother bringing food with you - buy it at Cleveleys and eat it in the most picturesque setting you could imagine.

town centre cafes in Cleveleys
town centre cafes in Cleveleys

Briardene Restaurant
Briardene Restaurant


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