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Outdoor Pursuits at Cleveleys

If you're sporty but not into organised activities, then this is for you! Cycling and watersports are the kind of thing you'll find here.

Cycling, skateboarding, kids play areas and climbing frames, crown green bowling, and more - this is where you’ll find all the things that the people of Cleveleys get up to in the great outdoors.

Cleveleys is such a flat landscape, and cycling is a common method of transport here as it is all along the Fylde Coast, so if you have a bike of your own you can bring it on holiday and enjoy a more leisurely form of sightseeing.

Or if you live in a hilly spot that doesn’t warrant having your own bike, you can enjoy an afternoon on one of the Blackpool Council hire bikes. Pick one up from Anchorsholme just on the edge of Cleveleys town centre (or other sites around Blackpool) and enjoy riding round the coastline!

You can enjoy all manner of ‘messing about on the water’ at Cleveleys, where fishing and sea angling is a big pastime for locals and visitors, kitesurfing and power kite sports are very popular, along with amateur boating with a dinghy or canoe!

You might have a horse of your own, or be a holiday maker who enjoys the sport in which case there are stables where you can carry on your passion.

If you fancy some fresh air and a bit of amateur sport you could fly a kite on the beach, have a kick-about of football, or walk the dog on the beach footpath. One thing is for sure, at Cleveleys there is no shortage of open space and fresh air, with plenty of both for everyone to enjoy.

You'll find that Walking has a section of its own, along with all the organised sports like football, golf and the like - they can all be found in this Recreation and Entertainment section.

Kite flying and kite surfing

fishing at Cleveleys
Fishing at Cleveleys


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