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Thornton Cleveleys Football Pitch
Thornton Cleveleys Football Pitch

Football at Cleveleys

Cleveleys might not have its own league team, but there's plenty of the sport played in the area!

If you fancy following a league team, you've got your choice of Fleetwood Town in one direction, and Blackpool FC in the other!

Meanwhile, if you like to support really grassroots teams, then you've got your pick of all the teams that do play in Cleveleys.

Like for example, Thornton Cleveleys FC, who have their base on Bourne Road, just off Fleetwood Road North at Thornton, on the access road into Hillhouse Industrial Estate.

Thornton Cleveleys football club is an FA Community standard Charter club which is affiliated to The Lancashire Football Association, and has been awarded the Gold Merit Community Charter, which is the highest award available.

Then of course there are school teams, and other amateur teams, so if you fancy getting fit and joining in with team spirit, there's plenty of opportunity for you in Cleveleys!

If you are involved in community or local football, please send some information about your team to be included in this section. You can email


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