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Terminal Groyne Completed


Completed terminal groyne on north beach at Cleveleys


Added 29 March 2010


The new terminal groyne at Cleveleys, just before North Promenade meets Rossall Promenade, is now complete as this photo (above) shows.

It's built on a 3 rock pyramid, although some of the base layer is already hidden by sand. The rocks in the two 'arms' at the top are positioned to stop the tide scouring around the end of the groyne and eroding the beach at its top edge.


Already, and remarkably quickly, the beach it starting to stabilise and a flatter beach is starting to develop. In the last few years the beach has eroded quite badly with north shore drift which created quite deep channels which were a serious hazard to people stranded on incoming tides.


If you stand on the promenade and look down the length of the groyne, it actually looks like a giant person coming out of the sea, with two out-stretched arms and a head!



Terminal groyne on Cleveleys beach almost complete


Added 10 March 2010


The terminal groyne is nearing completion. All the recycled rubble from the Phase 4 works has been used, and lorries are bringing giant rocks each day from the quarry at Carnforth. The rocks are being taken onto the far end of the beach at the access point near the Five Bar Gate and then carried to the groyne by tipper.


Already three is a subtle change in beach levels, the sand is starting to level out and the channels and lakes when the tide is out aren't as pronounced as they were even a few months ago.


The groyne is higher than people stood alongside it, and is an attractive addition to the beach that no doubt children and wildlife will find irresistible!



Groyne work started


Groyne work


Added 22 February 2010


If you've been visiting Cleveleys over the last few years, and you've been on the beach just past the cafe, you'll know that the beach levels have been prone to frequent movement, with deep channels being created that fill in very quickly with the incoming tide and can leave you stranded.


Work has just started to create a new 'Terminal Groyne' just north of the cafe, to try and stabilise the beach and stop such deep and dangerous channels forming.


There has been a pile of rock on the beach for a couple of months, and there's been much speculation about what it's been put there for! In actual fact, it was used to stabilise the beach at the other end of Cleveleys where the final phase of the promenade works is nearly completed. Wyre Borough Council had to apply for a licence from DEFRA to complete the works, which is why it's been just sat there. In the spirit of 'Reduce, Reuse, Rcycle' the stone is being put to good use in the new groyne, with additional rock being required to complete the work.


The diggers have excavated a channel which is lined with membrane and then backfilled with smaller rock to create a stable base, and then the larger stones will be placed on top to create a groyne which is about 160 metres long. Work should be completed by about the end of March, subject to tides and weather conditions.


Already, the stones are causing great interest to the wildlife, and birds have been seen rummaging about in the crevices and rubble, looking for food!





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