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The Long Arm of the Law


Added 24 May 2010


The Neighbourhood Policing Team for Cleveleys would like to welcome you to both Cleveleys and this site. We are very pleased to be associated with the site and we would like you tell you about some of the work we do in the area.


The team is made up of three experienced Police Constables and eight Police Community Support Officers. Our area is divided into three using the council ward Boundaries. This means that each ward has a Police Constable with overall responsibility and several PCSOs.


The officers for the areas are:


Jubilee Ward

Victoria Ward

Cleveleys Park Ward


PC 2386
Eddie Baldwin


PC 3008
Tony Pook


PC 6122
Julie Moreau


PCSO 7169
Terry Molloy


PCSO 7254
Alan Brickman


PCSO 7403
Gill Mason


PCSO 7692
Sharon Cookney


PCSO 7856
Katy Sullivan


PCSO 7753
Jo Aitchison


PCSO 7313
Steve Revens


PCSO 7432
Kelly Sadler


Whether you are a resident or a visitor to the town you will no doubt be a user of the town centre and the new promenade. We are all very proud of our promenade and town centre and we work hard to make your time in Cleveleys a pleasurable one.


Historically Cleveleys has been targeted by criminals, who were often also visitors to the area, who stole purses and bags around the town centre. The team has been working very effectively against these offenders and we are very pleased to say that we have seen a huge reduction in these offences, so much so that we have seen a period of three months where we haven’t had a single theft.


A key role of the team is also to target anti social behaviour and this is another area in which we have had some good successes. A large area of Cleveleys is now a designated no drinking area and as such it is unlawful to drink alcohol in the street in this area. This is a great tool which helps to keep the streets and Promenade a pleasant environment for all visitors.


The message from the team is that Cleveleys is a vibrant, safe place to visit and to live and we will continue to work to ensure that it stays that way.

In recent weeks the team has targeted anti social behaviour around the area concentrating on “hotspots” around the Towers and Jubilee Park. We have issued numerous youth referrals, seized a lot of alcohol and conducted a number of Restorative Justice interventions.


Thanks for your time and please keep checking this page for updates on our activities. The team hold regular PACT meetings and details of these can be found through the Lancashire Police Website.







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