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Sea Change kicks off at Cleveleys


Added 9 September 2010


The team from the Cleveleys Mythological Coastline project came along to the Rossall Beach Residents Association AGM on Wednesday 1 September to share the very first stages of what's happening with the project.

Stephen Broadbent explains Sea Change at Cleveleys

Stephen Broadbent explains the Sea Change project at Cleveleys


An author has been found and appointed to write the story. He's Gareth Thompson, a Cumbrian born and bred in the North West and passionate about the area, who has already published three books. He'll be working with LitFest and at the moment the storyboards are just in production, to lay down the theme and broad outline which the detail of the story will follow.

The fine points of the story are closely guarded at the moment, but broadly it's based on a little girl and a merboy (not a mermaid!) and how the little girl follows a quest to save a village from the sea. A shell plays a key part in the story! The story will incorporate parts of local folklore and history as this coast is so rich in it's own stories - including the petrified forest, sunken villages and shipwrecks to name but a few things that could possibly be included in the book.

A national illustration competition has been launched to find an aspiring artist to illustrate the book, and the details of the competition are available at  

Another major part of the funding from the national Sea Change project covers the production of pieces of public art and sculpture which relate the story and bring it to life on the promenade. These are a permanent and tangible part of the project for everyone to touch, look at and enjoy for years to come, and can also be used in public events like story telling sessions and festivals.

It's the very beginning of an exciting project for Cleveleys which will involve the community and school children in the creation of a project which will be a long lasting legacy for the future.





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