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Cleaning the Beach at Cleveleys


Added 12 April 2010


Beach cleaning at Rossall


The beach at Cleveleys gets regular cleans, both from the community and from the local council.

The morning of 12 April was another nice one (thank goodness!) with beautiful blue skies as Rossall Beach Residents Association took to the beach for a community clean -up.


Although Alan, the council cleaner, had been out at the weekend and moved a large quantity of rubbish there was still plenty to go at and a good quantity was once again removed. The rubbish is almost entirely washed up by the sea, and includes lots of little bits of shredded plastic, bottle tops by the hundred and some of the strangest things you could imagine including a ping-pong ball!


Rossall Residents take to the beach each month, alternating beach cleans with strandline surveys of wildlife, and all the information is recorded and reported back to the Marine Conservation Society, through whom the group have adopted the beach.


For more information look at their website - anyone is welcome to join and get involved no matter where they live.





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