Buddy - Lost Greyhound

Buddy - Lost Greyhound

Debbie Garner is Buddy’s mum. She’s beside herself with worry – can you help to find Buddy and bring him home?

You might have already heard about Buddy. He’s a five year old black greyhound with a white chest and white tips to his paws and tail – and he went missing from home on Saturday 15 November when he was spooked by fireworks.

Even though he’s a big dog, he’s a gentle giant and terrified of fireworks. Knowing this, Debbie doesn’t take him out walking around the time of Bonfire Night and instead he does his ablutions in the back garden – and as quickly as possible. 

On the night of 15 November he’d been in the back garden for literally five minutes with his ‘sister’ Dolly. She came back in but Buddy didn’t. Spooked, he’d jumped the six foot high back garden fence, and despite Debbie going straight out to look for him, he was nowhere to be found. 

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Buddy is a rescue dog, an Irish ex-racing greyhound. He’s tattooed in both ears, microchipped and was wearing a black fabric collar with two ID tags when he ran away. 

Bring Buddy Home

Debbie has turned the Fylde Coast upside down looking for him.

The ‘Dogs Lost’ and ‘Homeless Hounds’ online communities have both helped and Debbie has 800 people in a Facebook Group called ‘Bring Buddy Home’ (why don’t you join?). It’s touching that many people, complete strangers, have been out and looked and checked out when possible sightings have been reported.

A report of a greyhound at Carleton near the Crem was a local dog; one in Poulton a small female; a dog in Pilling was seen going under a fence – and there’s no way that a dog the size of Buddy could crawl under a fence.

Someone else thought they might have seen him running alongside a runner – but he’s a lazy dog and wouldn’t run – he only ran one race and was then retired! The one sighting that probably was him was in the Green Drive/Slinger Road/Rossall Tavern area.

£1000 Reward

The Lancky Dogs Charity have also been a big help – adding to Debbie’s offer of a cash reward for anyone who brings him back home safe – up to a whopping total of £1000. 

Debbie said “I’ve been touched by how many dog lovers there are out there who will help by sharing information, going out and looking, and helping however they can. 

“He’s got such a lovely nature and it’s possible that he’s gone along with someone who thinks he’s homeless and they can keep him. If that’s so and that’s you – you need to bring him back home.

“Both he and Dolly have Christmas presents waiting and an advent calendar each and he’s missed six days of his already. Dolly wants the treats and I won’t let her have them – they’re for Buddy when he comes back. I just want him back home where he belongs.” 

Please help

A lot of Debbies campaign has been run on Facebook, there’s been an article in the Gazette and we’ve run the post several times on the Visit Cleveleys Facebook page and now we’re trying a slightly different tack to see if any non-Facebook users have any news. 

Please share this page with your friends and family and of course carry on sharing on Facebook. By doing this we managed to find a new owner for the cheese shop, so maybe we can find Buddy and bring him home. We can certainly have a damn good try x

Buddy the lost black greyhound with Debbie
Buddy the lost black greyhound having a cuddle with mum Debbie

Buddy, the black greyhound lost from Cleveleys

Buddy, the black greyhound lost from Cleveleys

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