Mandarin Duck among the Mallards

Mandarin Duck among the Mallards

A surprise visitor to Cleveleys was discovered on the Victoria Road duck pond, at the end of Holmefield Avenue on Friday.

A single Mandarin Duck was spotted swimming happily amongst the resident Mallards and Moorhens.

Duck pond on Victoria Road West

The Mandarin Duck was introduced to Britain from the Far East and is thought to have either escaped or been deliberately released from private collections many years ago.

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The Mandarin Duck’s population in the Far East is now in decline, as their habitat slowly shrinks and it is thought the British collection may be a useful ‘reservoir’ for the species in the future.

The Mandarin has a strikingly exotic appearance, with vibrant orange plumes on the cheeks with orange ‘sails’ to their side. A broad white eye stripe gives a wonderful contrast to the head colours.

Obviously, there no telling how long he’ll be there, as he’ll quite possibly disappear as quickly as he arrived.

Thanks to Ken Harcombe for sending us this piece

Mandarin Duck

Duck pond on Victoria Road West

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