Beachcombing Box - Reuse and Recycle

Beachcombing Box - Reuse and Recycle

Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group is asking people to reuse and recycle the things they find on the beach this summer with the help of their new beachcombing box.

With the help of local builders merchants Builders Supplies North West, they have installed the new beachcombing box adjacent to the popular seafront car parking area at Cleveleys. You can find it at Rossall Promenade, where the seafront car parking is between The Venue and Rossall School. (Use postcode FY5 1LP).

Put things in the Beachcombing Box

Hopefully the initiative will encourage people to think about what they leave behind after a day on the beach. And it will encourage people to go beachcombing as there’s somewhere to leave useful things they find washed up by the tide.

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Jane Littlewood is chair of the group and wanted to put the many beach toys that get collected to good use. Jane says “after a spell of sunny weather we always pick up such a lot of toys, many of which will have gone into the sea at Blackpool.

Toys picked up on the beach after a spell of windy weather in August
Broken toys picked up on the beach after a spell of windy weather in August – these went in the rubbish bin.

“So we asked our friends at Builders Supplies if they could help. In no time at all they’d made us a box out of an old wooden crate and delivered it to the very spot while we were out beach cleaning.

Builders Supplies West Coast deliver the beachcombing box
Builders Supplies West Coast deliver the beachcombing box

“It seems such a shame not to put things to good use, especially the toys that are in good condition.

“Obviously we want people to continue to put rubbish in the usual bins. But things that have a use should be reused, not just added to landfill.”

The crate is also somewhere to put the beachcombing treasures that people find but don’t want themselves.

Jane adds “lots of interesting things get washed up that people use in their gardens. Interesting pieces of driftwood, fishing buoys and nets are just a few examples. If you find something nice or useful please put it in the recycle box for others to find.”

Go beachcombing and see what's washed up on the strandline
Go beachcombing and see what’s washed up on the strandline

More here for anyone interested in beach cleaning and picking up litter.

Popular Already!

The very day that the box was finished and declared open for business, a group of children and their childminder jumped straight in to play with the contents.

Children playing with the toys
Children playing with the toys

Chatting to people using the beach, everyone thinks it’s a great idea! Obligingly, the weather has also been windy, washing up lots more interesting things for beachcombers to collect and share there.

Beachcombing Box goes Viral

The beach-going community is also thrilled with the new box. The Facebook post on the Rossall Beach Buddies page is going viral as people welcome the idea. Beach groups all over the UK are planning to install them, so it’s not just here on the Fylde Coast where it’s been well received.

Beachcombing Box at Rossall Beach Cleveleys

It’s just one of the many things that the group has done at Rossall Beach. Their aim is to make it a better place for the people who use it.

Last year they installed more of their popular information boards. They outline the special environment and how we can all help to look after it.

The Rossall Beach Group is once again hosting the Marine Conservation Society Big Beach Clean on Sunday 22 September 2019. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Why don’t you pop along to meet the group? There will be information stalls about the group and how you can do your bit – even from your own home.

Do you fancy a Spot of Beachcombing?

Rummaging along the strandline is really quite interesting. Like we say, it’s amazing what you might find and at the same time you’re enjoying fresh air and exercise!

New finds at the Beachcombing Box
New finds at the Beachcombing Box

Now you can share the treasures that you find, it makes beachcombing a lot more worthwhile. All you need is a bag to put your treasures in while you’re collecting.

Don’t forget: wash your hands when you’ve finished, and don’t touch anything you shouldn’t!

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