Be a Lone Beach Cleaner

Be a Lone Beach Cleaner

Come to Cleveleys, enjoy the fresh air and gentle exercise, spending time litter picking on the beach at a time to suit yourself.

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group are offering you the chance to be a ‘Lone Beach Cleaner’ following the success of their monthly community beach clean campaign which has been running now for many years.

If you fancy spending some time on the beach litter picking on your own, enjoying the peace and quiet and doing something really productive at the same time, then the Rossall Group can fit you up with the equipment that you need.

David Hewitt, Rossall Beach Group Secretary, said ‘We’ll provide you with litter pickers and kit including a hi-viz vest and some basic guidelines, and all that we ask is that you record the amount of time you’ve spent on the beach and how much litter you collected for our records.

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‘Not only will you be doing something which is vitally important for marine wildlife, think of all the calories you’ll burn off, the fresh air you’ll breathe and the views across the beach that you will enjoy. What better way to enjoy the great outdoors!’

The monthly clean-ups are held every four weeks on a Monday morning from 9.30am, and they take place all year round on the beach against Rossall Promenade. ‘A variety of people come along to help, including regulars and helpers from our local schools’ said Jane Littlewood, Chair of the group. ‘Because Monday morning isn’t convenient for everyone we do hold clean-ups throughout the year on a Sunday, and the Lone Beach Cleaner idea is another way of trying to make environmental protection accessible for everyone’.


The Rossall Beach Group were the first group to run community beach cleans on the Fylde Coast and encouraging more people to get out and involved is just one of their ongoing projects.

‘Not only is beach cleaning vital for the marine wildlife and the aesthetic look of our beaches, it also brings you up close to what actually gets washed onto our shores, and makes you really aware of how big the problem of bathing water quality is.

‘It’s hugely important that we all take responsibility for our actions when it comes to using our own drains responsibly – in a nutshell if you haven’t made it don’t flush it – and we all need to share this message with others so that the quality of our seas and beaches on the Fylde Coast is better in the future’.

To register as a Lone Beach Cleaner and collect your kit and guidelines, just contact or ring 829390. You can also log anything notable that you find while you’re out walking on Cleveleys beach by emailing details to

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Lone Beach Cleaner

Please check the Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group website for up to date information on beach cleaning.

Beach cleaning at Cleveleys
Beach cleaning at Cleveleys

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