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Rossall School donate funds to a local group
Rossall School donate funds to a local group

Millfield School
Millfield School

Cleveleys Secondary Schools

Find out about what's happening in our Secondary Schools in Cleveleys.

There are Secondary Schools in Cleveleys which look after our young people.

Cleveleys is a residential area with many young families and children, and as you would expect, there are secondary schools to cater for everyone.

Secondary schools have changed a lot, even in the last ten years, and more than ever before they are vital parts of the local community that they serve. Not only do they educate our future adults, they also provide community resources for the adults who live nearby.

As they shape children of today into the responsible people of the future, they share projects with community groups of all kinds, get involved with environmental, social and fundraising events, and so providing a broad range of experience of everyday life to the students.

Individually, each of them are doing really exciting things and here we'll aim to show you what's going on behind their doors.

At Cleveleys there are two secondary schools - Millfield School at Thornton and Rossall School heading towards Fleetwood.

Millfield is a Science and Performing Arts College, for children agen 11-16. Rossall is a private school for children from nursery age through to 18.

Both of them are valuable members of the local community and get involved with all kinds of things including community projects and fund raising as they shape the future adults for tomorrow.


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