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No news yet on the bids to reopen Thornton and Cleveleys libraries.

Cleveleys and Thornton Libraries are currently closed, following the review of services by Lancashire County Council in late 2016.

Thornton Gala Committee has put in a plan to re-open Thornton Library, and UR Potential, a young person’s charity based on the Fylde Coast, has put in a bid to open and run Cleveleys Library.  Both bids have been supported by local county councillor Andrea Kay. 

The bids were put in before the closure date for consultation, but as yet there hasn't been any indication of whether the applications have been successful and the groups will be allowed to save the libraries.

Blckpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard has asked for answers on the future of Cleveleys and Thornton libraries. He's written to Lancashire Councils boss, Jo Turton, asking for a situation report on the two outstanding community bids to rescue them for community use. Neither organisation has heard from the County Council, despite three libraries in East Lancashire already having had their community bids agreed and funded.

Paul says, “The silence is deafening from Labour at County Hall, it’s like they’ll hope we’ll go away so they can sell the buildings commercially and quickly. 

"They must know that the outstanding complaint I have in with the Department for Culture Media & Sports has merit and that a public inquiry could be likely, however if they’ve disposed of the buildings they must believe by then they’ll have washed their hands of library provision in our bit of Wyre. 

"Both the Gala Committee and UR Potential’s bids have strengths and for neither to hear back by now is nothing short of disgraceful.  I just hope they are not playing party politics with our libraries.

"Councillor Andrea Kay, supported by Councillor Alan Vincent, has worked really hard to provide plans for alternative funding and operating models, but at every turn Labour at County Hall have ignored these pleas. 

"I have now written to the Chief Exectutive and have asked once and for all what is the situation with these community bids, are they going to be accepted or is Labour going to wash their hands of libraries in Thornton and Cleveleys?”

We'll keep you posted.

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