Malcolm Brocklehurst, a local writer

Malcolm Brocklehurst, a local writer

Malcolm Brocklehurst has been a friend of Visit Cleveleys for some time, and shared this poem, saying:

“Linking Sport with Shakespeare…. it’s 400 years since the demise of the Bard and I wondered how he would see the goings on at Bloomfield Road?”


 Apologies to MacDuff

To remove oil stains cast the magic spell
Mix tangerines and Black Pool well,
Hubble bubble toil and trouble
Put the pot on let us brew
Drink the potion while it’s hot
We don’t want it to stew. 

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Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
Down and down the table go
In the mix more vegetables throw;
As the oilstains patch seems to grow
While Premier fans mourn in the cold urn
relegated season count another one
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. 

Table two for the tangerines is a pity
the pot now mixed with Exeter City
throw in Notts County and Luton Town
Curse the Cheetah for taken us down
Now mix in Morecambe and Oxford United
Our cursed brew will travel well with fans united
So let it boil and touch your lips;
the oil stains will be gone by the next eclipse

For this is a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

by Malcolm Brocklehurst, Cleveleys Writers

Local man Malcolm is back, with another book and a controversial subject…

(Published February 2014)

We’ve met Malcom Brocklehurst before. He’s the President of Cleveleys Writers and he’s got another story to share about his new book.

Malcolm’s latest book is about one of the greatest controversies in history and it’s become a number one success on Amazon, the world’s biggest bookshop.

As a history detective, it’s taken him years of painstaking study and research to write The Secret History of Christianity, where he reveals the biological father of Jesus.

This shocking revelation turns centuries of traditional teaching on its head as readers are taken on a fascinating journey through time.

Malcolm, a retired aeronautical engineer (find out more about him below) began his deep interest in this great historical mystery more than 20 years ago and has travelled extensively to support the incredible claims.

“The purpose of this book is to try to awaken the reader to think and question the dogma of long dead clerics that in my opinion has been thrust onto the faithful in the name of many religions,” said the writer.

“In The Secret History of Christianity which is fully illustrated, the author names the biological father of Jesus that is hidden in the scriptures. The Church of Rome suppressed the marital status of Jesus to Mary Magdalene when His descendant’s fled to France after the crucifixion.

“His descendants eventually formed a link with the crusaders with the origins of the Knights Templar and the Prior of Sion eventually linking to Scottish history and Free Masonry and the hidden secrets of Rosslyn Chapel that tell of the Templar’s discovery of America which happened one hundred years before Columbus.”

Malcolm added: “One chapter on Alchemy puts forward a case that Saunière, the priest at Rennes le Chateau obtained his wealth from alchemy but there is also a case made that he may have been blackmailing the Church of Rome.”

“I made three visits to Rennes le Chateau for research and spent five years researching library documents and visiting Templar sites including Rosslyn chapel.

“I have nurtured the idea for writing the book for twenty years since I realized that the Church of Rome seemed to have suppressed many facts throughout the ages in order to build their business empire.”

Malcolm’s illustrated book is available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook and can be found by searching for his name.

More About Malcolm…

I’m 76 years young and before entering the University of Life, I attended Blackpool Palatine Technical College, where I excelled in English and the arts.

My National service in the REME was responsible for diverting me from the artsand into engineering and on demobilization I joined the aerospace industry. In 1964 my wife Mary and I moved to Bristol and we both were employed on the development of Concord.

In 1970 I moved from development engineering into the world of Technical Publications and Mary and I toured Europe. I was a consultant Technical author to the Aerospace Industry with commissions in Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, Madrid and Toulouse.

In 1985 while in Toulouse France I read the best seller ‘The Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ and consequently became interested in the local historical site of Rennes le Chateau. The site became the centre piece to the book Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code that highlights a mystery that embraces the Templars, the Masons and the Holy Grail. That mystery moved me to write my first book in 2008 THE SECRET HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY.

Now semi-retired I mix the occasional technical writing commission with creative writing and my first novel THE HOUSE OF CAVENDISH – OUTROADS was published in 2010 with its plot set in Derbyshire.

THE HOUSE OF CAVENDISH – OUT ROADS is a wildly appealing historical novel that spans several generations of Cavendish lineage. This novel is about people of strength and people with flaws, each trying desperately to survive and flourish during some challenging historical times.

The lives and loves of the respected Cavendish clan are interwoven with gripping historical detail. You will be completely engrossed as you meet Henry Cavendish, an Elizabethan aristocrat, who maintains a solid commitment to bachelorhood while conducting a passionate, tumultuous, and long standing affair with a captivating vicar’s daughter.

You will be intrigued at the exploits of their out-of-wedlock son, Robert. The Cavendish family members live life to the full against a backdrop of historical settings in Derbyshire, London and Bristol while living through events such as the persecution of Catholics, the imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots, the reformation, the civil war, the plague, and the fire of London.

Don’t miss this electrifying romp through 16th and 17th century England as told by a practiced writer and historian. The mix of entertainment and history is powerful and enriching.

The novel is released in hardback and the Authors signed copies of The House of Cavendish – Out Roads (ISBN: 978-1-60860-307-7) are available from for £17.50p or unsigned books available on line from WH SMITH for £11.16 plus p&p

Malcolm Brocklehurst, author and poetMalcolm Brocklehurst

The Secret History of Christianity by Malcolm BrocklehurstThe Secret History of Christianity by Malcolm Brocklehurst

Malcolm BrocklehurstMalcolm Brocklehurst

The House of CavendishThe House of Cavendish

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