Dave, also from Rochdale

Dave, also from Rochdale

Some years ago Dave had been looking for a property at Cleveleys, and found just what he was looking for when he came to visit one summer on a day trip.

Like many other people, at the time Dave was still working and bought the property as a holiday home.

After taking early retirement he managed to do what many others have before him and move to Cleveleys full time.

Dave plays an active role in the local community and really enjoys life at the seaside, where every day is different and the views are fabulous across the water and the beach.

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He’s a keen photographer, so the views, sunsets and changing landscape of Cleveleys is a perfect subject – I bet he’s got hundreds of different sunset photos, just like we all have!

The added benefit is that it’s flat, which you can’t say for Rochdale!

Dave from Rochdale

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