What is Care for Cleveleys?

What is Care for Cleveleys?

What is Care for Cleveleys? It’s the coming together of everyone who has a vested interest in the success of our town. We’re working together, taking ownership and responsibility for where we live and work. It’s really making a difference – why don’t you get involved?

Exactly What is Care for Cleveleys?

Cleveleys has a Coastal Community Team. Local volunteers are working with Wyre Council to make our town better than average. It’s one of many Coastal Community Teams in seaside towns around the UK. We’re all supported by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) at central government.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

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Care for Cleveleys is the everyday name for what we’re all doing together.

The Team is looking after the streets, making improvements and planning activities. The intention is to attract people to the town, to keep it vibrant in the future. The strapline is ‘Putting people at the heart of the town’. Which says it all!

Here’s how YOU can get involved:

Join us on Facebook

Do you love Cleveleys? Whether you live here or love to visit, please join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group. Moral support is every bit as important as physical support, so it doesn’t matter whether you will join events or not.

Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group
Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group

This online group is where the ongoing activities, events and projects are shared. It’s where you can voice your opinion in local consultation. If you see something that could/should be put right, it’s somewhere to share it.

It’s also a positive, can-do place for us to celebrate being part of a community that rolls its sleeves up and takes charge of the world around it! As they say we don’t have problems we have opportunities…

Join in with the Town Centre Team

The Town Centre team meets about every four weeks to look after jobs that need doing in the town centre.

Care for Cleveleys Town Centre Team
Care for Cleveleys Town Centre Team

Weeding, clearing out litter grot spots, unblocking grids, gardening are some of the tasks they carry out all year round. Generally keeping the town centre ship-shape and Bristol fashion. It’s also a great way to make friends and meet people, with a brilliant feeling of camaraderie and fun. If you want to join in just turn up, equipment will be provided.

The Town Centre Team formed after the success of the Clean Sweep Day on 1 June 2017. It started off as a small group but it’s growing as people join in and get involved.

Help out at Christmas

Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys has joined Cleveleys Coastal Community Team. That way we can work together and help each other and Christmas Cheer don’t have to pay large amounts of additional insurance.

Christmas Cheer in Cleveleys are fundraising to decorate the town centre. The Coastal Community Team is inviting everyone to join in to make recycled decorations and join in a fun trimming-up event.

Help with Cleveleys In Bloom

The Town Centre Team has blossomed out to enter Cleveleys In Bloom! Wyre Council coordinates the Royal Horticultural Society In Bloom entries for our borough each year. Now Cleveleys is back on the team and part of this national event. 2018 was the first entry after a gap of a few years, with the team starting from scratch.

Flower bed at Rough Lea Road, part of Cleveleys In Bloom
Flower bed at Rough Lea Road, part of Cleveleys In Bloom

In 2019 there will be opportunities for fundraising, planting, watering, weeding and a whole lot more. Plus lots of laughs and new friends along the way. If you would like to get involved please get in touch. The more the merrier!

Achievements of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

Since its inception, the group has done a lot of work in the town, to make it better than average. Projects include:

  • Setting up the Town Centre Team (Care for Cleveleys) who have swept, litter picked and gardened their way around town
  • Had the bollards, street furniture and clock shelter painted by volunteers from HMP Kirkham
  • Installed the new noticeboard at New Look thanks to WEC Ltd
  • Brightened up the bus station, including the new wayfinding map. Unfortunately it was vandalised and sadly is not in place at the moment.
  • Instigated the new weekly market
  • Brought back Cleveleys In Bloom
  • and a whole lot more!

Read about the achievements of Cleveleys CCT here

More about Coastal Community Teams

A Coastal Community Team (CCT) is a local partnership consisting of the local authority and people from a coastal community who have an understanding of the issues facing that area. They’re working together to develop an effective forward strategy for the place.

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team
Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

Our CCT at Cleveleys is one of many in the UK, supported by DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government). Fleetwood, Blackpool and St Annes have all been awarded funding for Coastal Community Teams.

This team was formed in 2017 and includes individuals and groups who already work for the benefit of Cleveleys. It’s building on the good work done so far.

The Town Team Action Plan was drawn up and submitted to DCLG. It takes into account both short and longer term community priorities and any existing plans and seeks to improve their impact. After accepting the plan, DCLG awarded a £10,000 grant in early 2017 to support the work of the team.

Get in touch

Jane Littlewood is the volunteer who heads up the Coastal Community Team. You can get in touch by emailing jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

Funding Awarded for Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

Published 26.2.17

The Department for Communities and Local Government announced the award of £10,000 following a successful funding bid by Wyre Council.

The first step is to establish the new Cleveleys Coastal Community Team with representatives from Cleveleys businesses and retailers, Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group, LeftCoast, visitor attractions, schools and churches. It’s a newly formed team including many individuals and groups who already work for the benefit of Cleveleys. It will build on the good work done so far.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for economic development at Wyre Council, said ‘Cleveleys has some outstanding qualities including a nationally acclaimed and newly regenerated Promenade, the Mythic Coast artwork trail and the specially commissioned Sea Swallow book which the Coastal Community Team will look to capitalise on.’

Jane Littlewood, Chair of Cleveleys Town Team said ‘The first step will be to go back to basics and find out from businesses what their issues and aspirations are. This will help to shape the action plan. All Cleveleys town centre businesses received a questionnaire and are encouraged to return it and have their say.’

The next job for the team will be to draw up the Town Team Action Plan by the end of March 2017. This will take in to account both short and longer term community priorities taking on board any existing plans and seeking to improve their impact.

Where Care for Cleveleys Began

It was Jane Littlewood, publisher of Visit Cleveleys, who dreamed up the idea of Care for Cleveleys in the first place.

Jane says “I’d never been involved in any community work before I moved to Cleveleys. Like most people, I always thought that ‘you’ couldn’t. That if you didn’t like something ‘they’ had to sort it out. I’ve since discovered that’s not true. If you don’t like something, you DO have the ability to change it.

Roll up your sleeves…

“When my mum (Chrissie Blogger) was young, people looked after where they lived themselves. Local councils didn’t do everything for everybody. So it was normal to roll your sleeves up and go and sort out whatever needed sorting out.

“Today, people feel like they shouldn’t take community action. They worry that everyone will look at them, that they’ll feel silly. That they pay Council Tax and so it’s ‘someone else’s job’! Let’s take that control and responsibility back, and each of us do our own little bit to make Cleveleys a place and a community to be proud of!

“Through Visit Cleveleys I’d run the original clock shelter restoration campaign. I was wondering what to do next. That was before the Coastal Community Team began.

The clock shelter in Cleveleys. Restored and the clocks replaced in 2014 by the local community, led by Visit Cleveleys
The clock shelter in Cleveleys. Restored and the clocks replaced in 2014 by the local community, led by Visit Cleveleys

It all adds up

Jane adds “Like you, I have no spare time at all. Between paid work and my own voluntary activities, I literally work all the time. Much as I would like to breeze about picking litter up, talking to people and engendering community spirit, I just don’t have the time.

“You probably don’t either. We’re all busy with jobs, families, kids etc. So whatever we do as a community must be easy but effective. And open for everyone to feel involved, and part of a team.”

Small acts of kindness…

Lots of little acts of responsibility and care quickly add up to make a great big difference.

We’ve already established that we’re all busy –

  • But we CAN pick up a bit of litter instead of walking past it.
  • We CAN take responsibility for where we live.
  • We CAN talk in a positive manner about the many great things about Cleveleys.

…from locals and visitors

Many, many people come to Cleveleys regularly. The people who visit on day trips and holidays and spend their money are VERY important to our local economy.

By and large visitors are always made very welcome, and visitors can also have a stake in the place. Please join in and get involved!

The original aims of Care for Cleveleys –

  • To talk to each other – egg each other on, share enthusiasm and positivity. Complete small projects and encourage each other to do nice things. Just like a real life community group would do if they met each week/month.
  • Share our positive actions – like picking up litter, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Give control back to local people – making it OK to pick up litter as you pass it. Making it normal to pull up weeds. Giving you back pride in where you live. Just like your mum/grandma had in the 1900’s – rather than expecting someone else to do it all for you.

‘Live here or visit, we love it’ is Visit Cleveleys slogan – and that’s what it means. It means all of us. Local people, visitors, shop owners, businesses, children, old people. We all have a stake in how good or bad the place is – and between us we make it even better.

The rest is history!

Then in 2017 Wyre Council accessed the government grant to create and support a new ‘Coastal Community Team’ for Cleveleys. Coastal Community Teams exist all around the UK. They are about encouraging local people to work together and strengthen the economy in our seaside towns.

The existing Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group was adopted as the page for the Coastal Community Team. It’s where we discuss and decide what needs doing, plan upcoming projects, and keep up to speed with developments. The rest, as they say, is history!

While you’re here…

Have a look at the homepage of the Visit Cleveleys website for more of the latest updates.

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