Supporters of Care for Cleveleys

Supporters of Care for Cleveleys

We’ve got a great community in this town. We want to celebrate what you, your business or organisation is doing to keep this lovely place great – and make it even better! Find out more about supporters of Care for Cleveleys.

Would you like a Sticker?

Share your stories – large or small – to appear here* – and get a window sticker!

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team is working hard to make a difference. We want to see stickers in shop windows, cars, schools, offices – everywhere! They’re for business owners, employees, teachers and members of the public. For everyone who Cares for Cleveleys!

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In alphabetical order, here’s what you’ve* been doing:

  • Boots the Chemist – watering the pots
  • Crumbly Cheese – thank you for watering the plants
  • Family Bakery – feeding and watering the Town Centre team volunteers
  • Grimes Butchers – watering the plants
  • McDonald Property Services – are part of the Coastal Community Team
  • Northfold School – children help with clean ups, they’ve made cigarette bins, written to the council to ask for litter bins, and done all sorts to help!
  • Phillips Jewellers – watering the plants, joining Cleveleys In Bloom, trimming up at Christmas, running Shop Watch and so much more!
  • Santander – valuable members of the Coastal Community Team committee
  • Tesco staff – watering the big grey pots
  • Uppercrust – look after the Town Centre Team with brews
  • Vodaphone – watering the grey pots before they closed
  • WH Smith – have cleaned up the glass in their shop window, and my does it look better!

Sponsors of Cleveleys Coastal Community Team

The Coastal Community Team started out with a central government grant, but it’s precious money and is being spent wisely. A number of businesses and individuals have supported the work of the group by buying or part funding equipment and materials. BIG thanks go to:

  • Builders Supplies (West Coast) for sponsoring the hi-viz vests
  • Dobbies Garden Centre for donating plants in the summer of 2018
  • Paul Maynard MP for buying the cart used to carry equipment
  • Phillips Jewellers for buying small gardening tools and necessities
  • The Plant Place for adding some free plants onto the order
  • The Venue for providing packed lunches on the Clean Up Day of 2017
  • Wilkinsons for donating spring bulbs

We Care for Cleveleys!

Lots of us do lots of things in different ways that all add up to make Cleveleys great. It doesn’t matter how large or small you act of thoughtfulness is, because everything that you do adds up to make a much greater whole. Remember the poem, ‘All for the want of a nail…’ Your small acts all add up to keep Cleveleys vibrant and prevent our town centre from failing.

  • Do you pride yourself on keeping your shop front clean?
  • Is sweeping the litter up at the front of your shop your first job in a morning?
  • Have you been watering the plants in the town centre?
  • Are you the ‘skip police’, maintaining order with the waste at the back of your shop premises?
  • Do you pull weeds up when you see them?
  • Something else?

Cleveleys Coastal Community Team has produced a window sticker for you* to display where everyone will see it. All you have to do to get one is to do something that makes you part of the community.

Post what you’ve done in the Care for Cleveleys Facebook Group, or email and we’ll get a sticker to you. Show your customers that ‘We Care for Cleveleys’!

Include a photo and you’ll be added to this new gallery* –

We Care for Cleveleys
Get your own sticker to say that you support Cleveleys Coastal Community Team
We care for Cleveleys
Uppercrust – give the Town Centre team brews, water the plants and so much more!
We care for Cleveleys
Phillips Jewellers – paid for small gardening tools
We care for Cleveleys
Northfold School – pupils helping out in the town centre
We care for Cleveleys
Tesco – watering the plants
We care for Cleveleys
Clean and sparkling window glass inside WH Smiths

Join the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ Facebook group here

Who Cares for Cleveleys?

Cleveleys might not have a Town Council. But it does have a Coastal Community Team and a whole squad of people working together to make a difference.

Plus there are groups and pockets of people who work together to do their best for the local area as a whole.

For want of a nail

Substitute the ‘nail’ for ‘a bit of thoughtfulness and taking responsibility’. It’s a perfect analogy for how doing your own little bit makes a whole world of difference! Plus, it’s much easier to take action now, rather than wait for failure to arrive and not be able to do anything about a much bigger problem.

Just in case anyone wondered, it’s a small team of volunteers with limited resources. Through necessity work is concentrated on the town centre. If your residential or business area in Cleveleys is doing something positive you’re more than welcome to join in the ‘Care for Cleveleys’ campaign. Your achievements will also be documented here.


Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group look after the shingle beach beyond the end of the new sea defences and up to Rossall School. It’s a friendly group which everyone is welcome to join. They beach clean, hold meetings and do lots of different things which are community based.

Town Centre

Cleveleys Car Show is a big event which is designed to showcase Cleveleys and attract people to the town centre. It’s run on an entirely voluntary basis by a group of local businesses and attracts tens of thousands of people to the town.

Christmas in Cleveleys is an increasingly festive time, created and enjoyed by the community. Why don’t you join in?


Cleveleys Chat Group meet at The Regal each Friday and Saturday morning. There’s no membership, it’s just a time and place for people to turn up for some company and to make friends.

Cleveleys Community Centre is off Beach Road, at the back of the public car parks behind the bus station. The old junior school is a welcoming community centre. It’s a popular hub for lots of activities and groups.

Local libraries are community meeting places where you can join in with regular activities and one off events and get to know people. In this area there’s Thornton library Cleveleys library.

The Rossall Beach Group is also a good place to get to know people and find out what’s happening in the local area. You don’t have to be an eco warrior and there are lots of chances to have a natter!

*For the avoidance of doubt. Businesses are not expected to advertise with Visit Fylde Coast to be included in Care for Cleveleys. Visit Cleveleys is not being paid to promote the work of the Coastal Community Team.

While you’re here…

Have a look at the homepage of the Visit Cleveleys website for more of the latest updates.

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