Public Response Brings Good From Vandalism of Defibrillator

Public Response Brings Good From Vandalism of Defibrillator

Raising at total of £2900 to include DEFIB no 2

Total raised to date £1647.00 including cash and grants (see below)

Overnight on 4 October the AED on Rossall Promenade was vandalised. At your suggestion, the Rossall Beach Group set up a JustGiving page to collect for a replacement box.

The response was so overwhelming that they decided to carry on and raise money for ANOTHER unit which is going on the wall outside The Venue.

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The vandalised one is being replaced with a more robust case and  the new robust type will also be installed at The Venue. The total cost is £2900.



* MENTION the defib fund when you eat at The Venue and they will donate £1 from each meal during October.

* NORTHFOLD SCHOOL are collecting

* REGAL Coffee and Chat group are donating proceeds from this weeks raffle (donate there on Fri/Sat between 10.30-11.30am)

* MORRISON’S at Cleveleys are holding a raffle to raise funds

* PETE SKINNER is busking with Singleton Cloggers ?

* SINGLETON CLOGGERS went busking in the rain in Cleveleys on Saturday 7 October. Hopefully they will come back another day – not to fundraise but because they are fab!

Singleton Cloggers busking in Cleveleys

* CLLR ANDREA KAY has offered £500 from her LCC fund

If you would like to make a cash/cheque donation please just get in touch/ask.

MANY THANKS!!! You’ve been so kind xxx

RUNNING BALANCE AT 7am on 8.10.17

Total of: £1647.00 raised/pledged

£45 – Cash donations received

£1102.00 – JustGiving account

£500 – pledged from Cllr Andrea Kay

One broken defibrillator leads to the installation of a second one on Cleveleys promenade

Published 3.10.17

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group were devastated to learn that the community defibrillator which they had organised installation of in 2016 and maintain, was vandalised by youths at 4am on Wednesday 27 September.

Vandalised community defibrillator

Four late teenage youths, riding three bikes between them, were seen by a resident at 4.05am, hammering at the weather proof casing unit and separate key box with a rock from the beach.

They had broken the key box but not managed to extract the key from inside it.

Damaged key box

Instead smashed their way into the housing unit of the device, to remove and take away the defibrillator unit itself. The defibrillator was later found thrown on the beach.

Vandalised defibrillator

The Rossall Beach Group worked with North West Ambulance Service in early 2016 to provide this public access external defibrillator for everyone’s benefit. Not only is it a residential area where a lot of elderly people live, it’s also very busy practically every day of the year. It’s an important piece of equipment which is designed to be used to save lives.

Only damaged defibrillator in Lancashire

It appears that this is the only defibrillator to be vandalised in the whole of Lancashire, something that the Group find especially disappointing.

The resident who saw the crime being committed said “I’m very disappointed as this is a vital piece of Lifesaving Equipment supported by NWAS. This was a thoughtless act, that four youths choose to vandalise such an important piece of Lifesaving equipment as it was strategically positioned on the Promenade to support the local community.”

In total, the value of the equipment and case is around £1800.

Fit and well

It appears that the youths had used the pads and had a go with the machine – although AEDs will not work on a body which is alive. 

Having checked it, and after replacing the pads and batteries, NW Ambulance Service have declared the defibrillator to be fit and well and have returned it to the group.

The housing unit is beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

Crowd funding

At the suggestion of many members of the general public, a crowd funding appeal was launched to raise the money to pay for repairs. 

Crowd funding for vandalised defibrillator

The vandalised housing unit will cost a considerable amount of money to replace (as yet unknown).


One bad act leads to a doubly good one

The response to the vandalism and the generosity of the public has been overwhelming.

So many people have been kind and helped that the Rossall Beach Group have decided to continue the campaign.

They are going to try to raise enough money to pay for not just their own replacement case BUT a second unit on the sea front aswell. 

You can donate online on the Just Giving page at this link

Why we need lots of defibrillators

You might have noticed that there are defibrillator units in many public places, shops and pubs. Most of them aren’t registered with the emergency services and they aren’t accessible 24 hours a day.

The Rossall Beach one is a community AED.

If you ring 999 and the operator determines that your patient is having a cardiac arrest, they will direct you to the nearest AED (if one is available within a suitable distance). 

They will tell you the code to open the box and direct you in using it on your patient. They are designed to be basic and easy to understand so that anyone can use them without training.

If your patient is in need of an AED but not in range of one that is on the Emergency Services system, they will be at the mercy of anyone sufficiently knowledgeable of a defib in a nearby shop, or the arrival of a paramedic. In other words they could well die. 

The range of the community AED at Rossall Beach is determined as being from the Five Bar Gate at Rossall School, to the end of Thornton Gate. A busy area indeed – but it’s not very far is it?

Please donate to the campaign at this link 

Vandalised defibrillator on Rossall Promenade

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