Thornton Action Group

Thornton Action Group

Thornton Action Group (TAG) was formed in 2000 by a group of residents who felt that not enough was being done to promote the well-being of the rapidly growing community of Thornton.

The objectives then were the same as they are today – to make sure that residents are aware of what is being planned for Thornton, to enable the views of residents to be heard and to promote a dialogue involving residents, elected representatives, Borough and County Council officials and statutory bodies.

A major concern has been and still is the amount of housing development taking place in Thornton, without due regard to traffic, employment and environmental considerations. TAG has conducted a survey of residents living on Fleetwood Road North and Lawsons-Trunnah Road to draw attention to the difficulties they experience with traffic. We did succeed with the help of our County Councillor in having ‘unsuitable for HGVs’ notices erected on Skippool Road and Lamb’s Hill. There is still the need for better signage to keep these vehicles on Amounderness Way.

The expansion in housing in Thornton was not matched by the provision of public open space and recreation areas. Hence one of the great successes of TAG has been Hawthorne Park. Members of TAG set up a Trust to work with Wyre Council and obtained funds to transform a muddy field into a park for recreation for all ages.

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In order to keep some of the character of Thornton, TAG has been active in seeking reassurances that old buildings will not be swept away and that historic landmarks such as Marsh Mill which identifies Thornton, are properly maintained and do not fall further into disrepair. TAG has fully supported the North West Mills Group in seeking to ensure that Wyre Council carry out its duty of care and repair regarding the Mill.

TAG is represented on the Wyre Flood Forum and has documented the floods which occurred last summer on Tesco car park, on Lawsons and Stanah Roads and elsewhere. At our meeting in July 2013 we invited the LCC official with responsibility for flooding to discuss these issues with us.


TAG is one of the residents’ groups which make up the Protect Wyre Group which opposes the plan to store gas under the Wyre. Members produced a document of evidence of 100 pages and gave oral evidence to the 3 Planning Inspectors. In order to raise awareness, TAG members delivered leaflets to every house in Thornton which resulted in over 4,000 objections out of a total of 10,800 received from across the Borough. The application was refused and is now the subject of a judicial appeal.

TAG plays its part in keeping Thornton an attractive place to live and work. Members get involved in the Britain in Bloom competition – this year Thornton won a silver gilt medal. TAG members have helped in ‘Pride in Thornton’ (formerly Clean Sweep) organised by Wyre Council. Extra litter bins have been located in locations identified by members to help keep Thornton tidy.

At Christmas TAG in cooperation with our local primary schools, organises the festive lights and collects money from residents and traders towards these. All of which fosters community spirit.

TAG meets every 5 weeks throughout the year and residents of Thornton are invited to these meetings.

In our next meeting on September 4th at Thornton Methodist Church, Mark Broadhurst from Wyre Council will be explaining the issues around the provision of sufficient affordable housing in Thornton.

On October 4th is our Public meeting when David Thow and Paul McGrath from Wyre Council Planning will outline the Local Plan which will determine what will happen to Thornton in future years. We are expecting a large turnout including our two MPs.

TAG is a shining example of how residents can get involved in shaping the future of their community, now an important part of the Council’s strategy.

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Thornton Action Group Tree Planting
Thornton Action Group Tree Planting

Thornton Action Group Festive Lights
Thornton Action Group Festive Lights

Thornton Action Group monitoring flooding
Thornton Action Group monitoring flooding








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