Friends of Jubilee Gardens

Friends of Jubilee Gardens

The Friends of Jubilee Gardens are looking after your local park – will you join them?

The Friends of Jubilee Gardens was formed in February 2016 with the aim of rejuvenating the park, promoting better use of it and improving health and wellbeing.

They have literally just started on their journey and have so far organised meetings to set up a committee and start to look at the work which they might do to improve Jubilee Gardens for local people and visitors to Cleveleys.

Survey of Jubilee Gardens

One of the first things that they are doing is asking what you think about the park, its design, the positive aspects and the problems that it currently has.

Sign Up

You might have had a survey through your letterbox – if you have please fill it in. It doesn’t matter whether you use Jubilee Gardens regularly or not at all – the group are looking for everyone’s thoughts.

5000 of the surveys were printed and over the last month and the Friends have been distributing them at events such as the Car Show and Thornton Cleveleys Gala, then delivering the remaining surveys to households starting with those houses closest to Jubilee Gardens and gradually moving further out.


Download the Friends of Jubilee Gardens survey here

Details about how to return it are on the form, electronically completed versions can be emailed to the addresses below.

If you would like a paper copy and haven’t received one yet you can call into Cleveleys Community Centre off Beach Road and pick one up. You can also leave your completed forms there.

Find out More

More about Jubilee Gardens here

For more information contact:

Chair of the Friends of Jubilee Gardens, John Lamkin

Cllr Rob Fail

Jubilee gardens Cleveleys

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