Town Centre Memorial Benches

Town Centre Memorial Benches

There are two town centre memorial benches with poppy designs in Cleveleys. Both were kindly donated entirely by local residents Paul and Sharon Riley-Clarke. Find them on Victoria Road West, they’re a fitting tribute to veterans.

The newest of the two benches marks the centenary of the end of the First World War. Its intricate design features soldiers, poppies and a poignant quote, reading ‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.’ It was unveiled at the Cleveleys Christmas light switch on, on 28 November 2018.

Town Centre Memorial Benches
Town Centre Memorial Benches with a poppy design

The First of the Town Centre Memorial Benches

You may have noticed the poppy design memorial bench outside Poundland, near the traffic lights on Victoria Road West in Cleveleys. You’re probably intrigued about how it got there… it’s a story of a memorial bench and the bees!

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It’s a lovely black metal bench, with the motto ‘Lest we Forget’ on a field of red poppies. Look closely and you’ll find that there are two bees immortalised in the design, and they’re there for a reason.

Sharon Riley-Clarke and her husband Paul placed the bench there.

They are beekeepers and after ‘uncapping’ the honey are left with beeswax. The bees produce it themselves and is used to cover their honey in the hive.

It’s a very clean, sterile wax which Sharon uses to make Lip balm. Beeswax is very brittle in its raw state so has to be blended with other oils (sweet almond oil in this case) and essential oils. The lip balm has been very popular and cured many skin ailments.

Pouring the profits into the bench

Sharon made 500 of these lipbalms and sold them at £2 each. She says “It cost us a few hundred pounds to make them and we poured all this back into the making of the bench.”

She added “We’ve done this because we have a massive respect for our armed forces past and present. My dad was in the RAF, and through my work as a paramedic, I have met many veterans (including a dambuster) and have heard so many fantastic stories and I recently met a 102 year old veteran who has a legion de honneur medal – the French equivalent to the Victoria Cross.”

Sharon and Paul helped to design this unique bench and it takes pride of place on our own high street.

If you are interested in purchasing a bench, they are made by Roll and Scroll. There are different versions from £600+ delivery upwards. Please tell them that you saw it on the Visit Cleveleys website if you do get in touch. Thanks!

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      Hi David, the recycled black ones on the prom are around £500 ish. You get them from Wyre Council, they will be able to tell you the correct price. The ‘Lest we Forget’ bench in Cleveleys was provided by a private fundraising venture. I don’t know how much they paid for it.

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    Please can you tell me who makes them and how much they are xx

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      Hi – I’ve added the details of the manufacturer. Many thanks.

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