Shop Changes in Cleveleys

Shop Changes in Cleveleys

Shop changes in Cleveleys – Spring 2018

Cleveleys town centre is very lucky – it’s one of the places which is bucking the national trend of high vacancy rates. When we do have shop units standing empty they’re normally filled before long. 

Catherine has been in touch to ask when Ponden Mill is closing and whether another bedding shop will replace it?

We have it on good authority that the former Dave’s Sweets shop is going to be a newsagents. Also to sell sweets, lottery tickets etc.

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Three of the few empty units have had workmen in them and signs of life, do you know anything more?

Former Barnardos store in CleveleysWorkmen were in the former Barnardos on Friday 19 January.

Former Greggs bakery in Cleveleys
The former Greggs unit has been stripped out – workmen had been in there for a while. Of course we popped our head through the door and asked if they knew who was going in there, but they said they didn’t know….

Former Crest Cafe in CleveleysThe former Crest Cafe is apparently reopening soon as a new cafe.

If you’ve got any idea about who might be having these shops please let us know.

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Post the answer on the Visit Cleveleys Facebook page, or in the new Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group

We started this page in April 2012. There have been a number of shop changes in Cleveleys since then. Here are some of them:

Boots Opticians and Holland & Barrett – the old M&Co

In late 2017 the new Boots Opticians store opened in the left half of what was the single former M&Co store.

Trading until just after Christmas 2014 as a clearance store, the old M&Co shop seemed set to become an Iceland frozen food supermarket. Iceland did once have a presence in Cleveleys in the store which then became M&S Simply Food. They leased the property which they occupied on Victoria Road from Marks & Spencer.

M&S had bought land which once had a private house with a large garden and developed it. When Iceland’s lease expired, Marks and Spencer decided they wanted to open in Cleveleys themselves. It appeared that Iceland had been waiting for the right opportunity to reopen another Cleveleys store – substantiated by a planning application and a belief held by staff at the Fleetwood store.

Argos and the former M&Co shared the shell of a 1970’s building. Together with the small store at the right hand side, which was a Barnardos charity shop, all three buildings are owned by the same person/company.

Proposed designs for the conversion of the old M&Co

Valerie Wall commented on the Visit Cleveleys Facebook page “Argos and the old M&co store were originally one store for 16 years it was the Co-Op which opened in 1972.

“At first it was grocery on the ground floor and non food upstairs, reached with an escalator and stairs. When it first opened next door was the Cleveleys Hotel until years later when it was demolished to make way for the block of shops including WH Smith. Later the Co-Op Grocery closed and the store became a non food store with furniture and electrical and other departments still run by the Co-Op. It closed in Jan 1987.

“I was deputy manager at the store for all those years. The site of the charity shop was originally the driveway for the Co-Op to allow deliveries to the rear, complete with turntable so that the lorries could turn around. The staff parked their cars at the rear as well.”

New M&Co – site of the former Victoria Market

When the Victoria Market building closed at the very beginning of 2012, M&Co weren’t long in declaring their interest in the vacant building. They originally submitted plans to demolish the market and build a brand new store.

Victoria Market Cleveleys, December 2010

Instead, the existing ladies wear store was improved and some changes made to accomodate the mens and childrens wear store which moved in with them from over the road. New changing rooms were built, and the cash desk moved to the front of the store.

A second planning application was passed on 14 January 2014, to retain the structure of Victoria Market but replace the worn-out fabric of the building, retaining a single storey 6000sq ft retail store on Cleveleys high street.

On 27 November 2014, the new M&Co finally opened its doors to the public, following the redevelopment of the former Victoria Market building. 

As was the market, the new shop is dual aspect, with access opposite B&M Bargains and the main doors on the high street at Victoria Road West. 

It’s still a single storey building, with ladies, mens and childrens wear all on the same floor. 

Cool Trader Frozen Food – former M&Co Mens

Plans were revealled in Spring 2012 that Cool Trader, a frozen food retailer, were moving into the mens and childrens wear M&Co store.

Cool trader open in the former M&Co childrens and mensPhoto taken 2012

That was hot on the heels of the withdrawl of a planning application which would had seen half of the store converted into an amusement arcade.

Cool Trader has been open for business since the middle of 2012.

Poundland – former Victoria Shopping Village or ‘Green Market’

Back at the Victoria Square end of the high street, a planning application was submitted in spring 2012 for new Poundland signage at the Victoria Shopping Village. At the time, a representative said that nothing was planned to happen for at least six months. The application included works which would see the green glass canopy being cleaned and repainted in the dark green/teal colour of Poundland livery, with the signage on the front of the canopy. Traders had been led to believe that any arrangements with the chain had fallen through.

Green Market, Victoria Shopping Village Cleveleys
Victoria Shopping Village Cleveleys, taken 22 April 2012

Uproar broke out the previous October when the traders at this one remaining Cleveleys market were caught in a dispute with the building owner, and became unable to get into the building.

A spokesperson for the market traders said “We believe that the variety of independent traders and markets is what gives the Fylde Coast its character, and that there are already enough value shops in Cleveleys.”

Poundland has been open since the end of 2013.

Don’t forget, your local shops need you to support them!

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