Painted Pebbles

Painted Pebbles

In January 2016, painted pebbles, in bright patterns and colours, were appearing on the beach at Cleveleys and around the coast to Fleetwood – did you find one?

Please don’t take the pebbles…

Best to start by saying that the pebbles on the beach are the best natural sea defence that we can have on the Fylde Coast – the high beach reduces the energy of the waves and is what protects us from overtopping and flooding – so please DON’T take pebbles home for your garden.

Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group enlisted the help of Manor Beach School to explain why the pebbles are important.

You can read more about the importance of the pebbles on the beach here.

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From time to time, as in January 2016, people will transform one or two pebbles at a time into beautiful works of art (with water based paints, of course) to make the general public smile when they find them. No one seems to know exactly who does it.

This pebble was found by Dan Parsons in December 15 and when it was shared on the Visit Cleveleys Facebook page it turned out that a few of you were into painting pebbles, but no one laid claim to having painted this one…

Painted pebble found at Cleveleys by Dan Parsons

In keeping with the festive theme, someone else had left a Christmas pebble which Catherine Bach photographed below.

Painted pebble found at Cleveleys by Catherine Bach

Earlier in the year, Geoff Haw had found some pebbles further along the coast at Rossall Point, Fleetwood. These look like they have been painted by a different person, maybe a child. 

Painted pebbles found at Rossall Point by Geoff Haw

Painting pebbles isn’t an uncommon expression of community art – it’s been done before and it’s popular in Cornwall where ‘Who Gives a Rock’ leave anonymous masterpieces in unlikely places for the public to find. 

If you find any painted pebbles please resist the temptation to take them home – leave them for other people to find and enjoy. But first, take a photo and share with us on Facebook!

The shingle area known as Rossall Beach at Cleveleys is looked after by the Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group.

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Pebbles on Cleveleys beach

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