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Giant Ogres Paddle on Cleveleys promenade

Artwork: Giant Ogres Paddle

Taken from the story of the Sea Swallow, the giant Ogre's Paddle artwork is unmissable on Cleveleys promenade.

The sea defences at Cleveleys are brought to life through public art, of which the giant Ogre's Paddle is one piece.

The giant Ogres Paddle was delivered and put into place on Thursday 12 September 2013 - you'll find it on the promenade across from the Jubilee Leisure Park (cinema and ice skating rink).

Giant Ogres Paddle on Cleveleys promenade

The Ogres Paddle is 9.2m long, carved from a tropical hardwood called purple heart timber, including scenes from the Sea Swallow book, along with words taken from the very story itself.

It's a living piece, which has changed colour over time as the wind and rain, sunshine and sand has weathered the wood and mellowed it, just as a real life paddle would. It's also been nourished with wood preservative.

Take a look around it, and sit on the arm - this is public art for you to see and feel!

Ogres Paddle on Cleveleys promenade

Giant Ogres paddle on Cleveleys promenade, against the sunshine

Cleveleys Mythological Coastline

Grant funding was secured through the national Sea Change project, which aims to regenerate the coast through the Arts. Locally, the area around the Marine Hall and gardens at Fleetwood has also benefitted from Sea Change.

In Cleveleys, the project creates a legacy to follow after the completion of the sea defence works, and a story that’s Cleveleys very own for the future. 

The story is brought to life through a public art trail which winds along the promenade. You can read about all of these pieces of public art with the links.

First, where Cleveleys meets Blackpool is the Shipwreck Memorial, next the Sea Swallow, then the Ogres Paddle. Spot the Ogre himself sat on the beach when the tide is out, and finally you'll see Mary's Shell - also on the beach but is so big that it's exposed even at high tide.

Have a look round in this section using the menu and read about what else you'll find on Cleveleys seafront.

The Paddle for Cleveleys promenade
The Paddle before it left the workshop...

The Paddle for Cleveleys promenade
The carved end of the Paddle... ready in the workshop


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