Cleveleys Seafront

Cleveleys Seafront

Explore Cleveleys seafront where you can enjoy the Great British Seaside at its best! There’s space for everyone and it’s a perfect place to enjoy family time, all year round.

In recent years, the main central section of sea defences at Cleveleys seafront have been completely replaced with a multi-award winning design for the future.

Read all about the new sea defences and sea front here – and there are plenty of other pages in this section to choose from in the menu, which will tell you all about the Mythic Coast artwork trail and much more.

Cleveleys seafront and promenade
Cleveleys seafront and promenade

Explore Cleveleys Seafront

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Cleveleys seafront is just over a mile long from end to end.

It stretches from the boundary with Blackpool in the south at Kingsway, not far from Anchorsholme Park.

On the seafront this is where you see the design of the sea defences change. ‘Spanish Steps’ at Cleveleys meet a sloping revetment and wave breaker steps which were completed as part of the 2016 Anchorsholme sea defence works at Princes Way (which is actually in the borough of Blackpool).

Spanish steps at Cleveleys seafront meet the sloping revetment and wave breaker units at Anchorsholme, Blackpool
Spanish steps at Cleveleys seafront meet the sloping revetment and wave breaker units at Anchorsholme, Blackpool

Head north along the promenade highway which hugs the coast, with the sea on your left. Follow Promenade South, Promenade North and Rossall Promenade until you reach a dead end at what’s known as the Five Bar Gate. The seafront highway ends here although the promenade footpath carries on. In front of you are fields and the impressive buildings of Rossall School, with Fleetwood beyond. On foot it’s about a 25 minute walk.

Drive along Cleveleys Seafront

Watch this clip and take a drive along Cleveleys promenade from south to north. This video was made in 2015 while work was underway at the Anchorsholme sea defences (it’s now complete). Cleveleys seafront actually begins where the fencing ends.

Drive along Cleveleys seafront from south to north

Travel on to Fleetwood

You can walk or cycle along the full length of the coast path from Cleveleys to Fleetwood. However the highway ends at Rossall Promenade so vehicles travelling onwards to Fleetwood must rejoin Rossall Road.

Cleveleys Seafront – an amazing public space

The ‘new’ sea defences on Cleveleys seafront run from the Wyre boundary with Blackpool at Kingsway to opposite Carr Gate, near to The Venue adjacent to Jubilee Gardens. Here, the landscape changes at the shingle of Rossall Beach.

Rossall Beach, at the north of Cleveleys seafront
Rossall Beach, at the north of Cleveleys seafront

The purpose of the new sea defences in central Cleveleys is to keep the water out and prevent flooding.

But the construction of such amazing public open space and new facilities was also key to the regeneration of Cleveleys. The promenade, cafe, water play area, artworks and easy access are very popular with visitors and local people. Jubilee Leisure Park on the seafront adds leisure facilities with the former ice rink (now a children’s activity centre), cinema, pub and restaurant.

Find out when and where you can take your dog on the beach at Cleveleys.

Jubilee Leisure Park on Cleveleys seafront
Jubilee Leisure Park on Cleveleys seafront

Beautiful Beaches

The central beach at Cleveleys is entirely tidal. A strip of shingle and pebble is deposited against the steps with acres of clean golden sand beyond it. Twice a day it’s covered by the tide, which goes out to reveal a clean canvas each time.

Beach at Cleveleys seafront
Beach at Cleveleys seafront

Because it’s tidal, very little flotsam and jetsam (marine rubbish) is deposited here. The sand here is perfect for sandcastles, playing games, and a day out for all the family at the coast.

Pools of water are left behind on the beach each day which are a perfect, safe place for children to paddle. It’s a kid friendly beach.

Golden sand on the beach at Cleveleys seafront
Golden sand on the beach at Cleveleys seafront

The waterfront at Cleveleys is a rich and varied environment for many types of wildlife, and an important ecosystem.

Don’t be fooled by the concrete seawall and think it’s a barren land – even in the central section of Cleveleys beach there is a host of life against the man-made structure.

A changing landscape and endless sunsets

Head a little further north along the seafront beyond the new sea defences and the landscape changes as you reach Rossall Beach.

Rossall Beach Cleveleys

This section of shingle beach is a good natural sea defence and therefore Rossall Beach is at less risk from coastal flooding. That’s why a new sea wall hasn’t been built in this section.

This is a more wild and natural landscape, and a rich habitat for wildlife – which is looked after by the active Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group.

Here, you can park your car right against the beach and sit and enjoy the fabulous views whatever the weather and endless west coast sunsets, just like this one below… (it’s not blank – promise!)

Sunset at Cleveleys from the seafront

You can also watch kitesurfers and people enjoying sports like horse riding and fishing.

Carry on further north and you reach the concrete sea defences around Rossall School. Here the sea bashes against the walls and you need to be careful on a windy day at high tide.

Just past Rossall School you are officially in Fleetwood in the Rossall area. The Rossall Sea Defences were completed and opened on 1 June 2018 so now you can continue along the coast right through to the central seafront at Fleetwood.

If you are interested in the seafront at Fleetwood, head off to the Visit Fleetwood website and explore!

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