Recycled Plastic Flowers Brighten up Cleveleys!

Recycled Plastic Flowers Brighten up Cleveleys!

Two garlands of recycled plastic flowers brightened up Cleveleys on 22 March 2015, when they appeared in Victoria Square. Did you see them?

Eagle-eyed Visit Cleveleys reader Glenys Weston started off this particular Sunday morning with a very pretty and colourful riddle. We couldn’t resist of course and Visit Cleveleys set off to find the answer!

Glenys had snapped this very pretty colourful garland of flowers (above). It was fastened to the safety railings at the pelican crossing against the tram lines in central Cleveleys.

Who put the Recycled Plastic Flowers There?

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Posting her photo on Facebook didn’t help – no one seemed to know who put them there or why. Everyone did agree that they are very pretty, colourful and a lovely addition to welcome people to the centre of Cleveleys.

Antony Wood asked “Do you think it’s a bottle Banksy?!!”

Paul Sandham summed it up, saying “Who cares who!!! the fact somebody has done something that pretty is great !!! I saw it yesterday, it’s lovely and its a welcoming sight to anybody arriving on the trams or bus!! Or even just going east west through the junction!!”

Read the first Facebook thread on the subject here 

Ever the curious type, I toddled off to Cleveleys on a delightful, sunny Sunday afternoon in March to have a look for myself, and take you some more photos.

Solving the Riddle of the Recycled Plastic Flowers…

On Monday morning the answer was waiting in an email. Someone with an anonymous email address had put them there for no other reason that they like making things. And because they wanted to make people smile on the first day of spring.

Now that’s our kind of person, and very welcome here in Cleveleys!

Recycled plastic flowers garlanding the tramway in Cleveleys
Recycled plastic flowers garlanding the tramway in Cleveleys

The flowers started out as plastic bottles, before being cut into petals, the neck of the bottle being the eye of the flower.

Bottles have been neatly cut to make petals, all the same shape, and opened back into flowers. Then painstakingly spray painted in coordinating shades of pinks and purples. Finally they’re wired together into a garland which is fastened onto the railing. Whoever made them did it carefully and with love, and they have taken some time to make too.

Recycled plastic flowers garlanding the tramway in Cleveleys

In just a few minutes you could see people smiling as they passed. People stopped to chat and discuss the pretty addition to the tramway.

They were certainly a welcome addition to the centre of Cleveleys.

Recycled plastic flowers garlanding the tramway in Cleveleys

Starting a Trend

Cleveleys bright and beautiful display was created a few years ahead of the trend for making poppies.

Some years later, plastic bottles were repurposed all over the country, to remember the fallen for the 100th anniversary of World War One.

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