Old Cleveleys Photos

Old Cleveleys Photos

Have a look back through the years of our seaside resort with these old Cleveleys photos. They’re from a variety of sources, if you have any that you would like to include, please email them to us. Full credit will be given.

Old Cleveleys Photos of the Seafront

This is Jubilee Gardens and Cleveleys seafront before the stepped sea defences were rebuilt.

The grassy area to the front right is where the Harvester pub is. The central patch of concrete is where the skateboard ramps are. To the left of the shot are the old tennis courts – now the car park. I always thought that the Obelisk had been there a long time – but it’s not on this photo.

Jubilee Gardens and the seafront, before the sea wall was rebuilt
Jubilee Gardens and the seafront, before the sea wall was rebuilt

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You can just see Jubilee Gardens in the top left corner of the next photo. The long, straight road in centre of shot is Beach Road, also before the stepped sea defences were built. The three storey town houses on either side of Beach Road remain unchanged, but the sea front looks totally different now.

Left of shot is the old car and coach park – can you see the yellow and blue Beach Huts? That’s where the Pizza Hut is now. That and the two buildings of Jubilee Leisure Park take up the former car park and grass wasteland adjoining it to the left.

Beach Road at Cleveleys before the sea wall was built
Beach Road at Cleveleys before the sea wall was built

The sea defences at Cleveleys were rebuilt in the 2000’s – see photos of the sea wall construction works in 2007 here.

The photo below is North and Rossall Promenade. It’s not that old, but it’s included for completeness! The road running off at an angle on the right is Thornton Gate.

North and Rossall Promenades, Cleveleys
North and Rossall Promenades, Cleveleys

Not Quite Cleveleys…

Princes Way is the promenade heading south from Cleveleys, and it’s actually in Blackpool. It feels like Cleveleys so we’ve included it here!

The sea wall and promenade has recently been rebuilt here, so these are only just old Cleveleys photos. It’s amazing how quickly you forget what it looked like before. There’s a full article about rebuilding this part of promenade here and more old photos.

Camper vans and caravans at the old Princes Way Promenade
Camper vans and caravans at the old Princes Way Promenade

The Seafront in Black and White Old Cleveleys Photos

Next up is North Promenade and Jubilee Gardens. From the bottom left corner, Thornton Gate runs at an angle to meet Carr Gate. Carr Gate joins the promenade at The Venue. To the right of The Venue is Jubilee Gardens.

  • Was the parking area at the right of Jubilee Gardens a caravan site in times gone past?
  • From the development in this area, could you date this photograph?
Aerial photo of Jubilee Gardens area at Cleveleys
Aerial photo of Jubilee Gardens area at Cleveleys

Going back to the distant past now, the next photo is South Promenade, Cleveleys in 1937, from Tuck Postcards.

  • Are the buildings in the foreground the same hotels and apartments that stand on the corner of Victoria Road West and South Promenade today?

South Promenade Cleveleys in 1937, Tuck Postcards

Here’s the promenade and seafront gardens in their heyday. It’s undated but from their clothes looks like it could be the 1940’s. Further down this page are more recent photos, from just before the rebuild works.

Promenade gardens at Cleveleys

This one below shows Rossall Beach at North Promenade, Cleveleys, in 1937, also from Tuck Postcards.

It’s the view north, looking from The Venue – the rough land in the foreground is now their car park. The detached house seen in the shot is ‘Cherbourg’. Still there today, it’s known locally as the ‘Cat House’ because of the old lady who once lived there with lots of cats.

Notice the absence of a sea wall – that was built in 1947 and you can see photos of it’s construction here.

North Promenade, Cleveleys, 1937 from Tuck Postcards

Old Cleveleys Photos of the Town Centre

Look at Victoria Road Cleveleys in 1914 in this view from Tuck Postcards. You can see from this photo that Victoria Road was originally built as private houses with gardens. The shop frontages still belong to the individual shops, dating back to when they were gardens. That’s why there are issues when organising events and such like, because of private land ownership.

Victoria Road Cleveleys in 1914 from Tuck Postcards

Another one from the from Tuck Postcards collection, this time Victoria Road Cleveleys in 1937. You can see that the town centre is starting to develop in this photo. There are even street lights! Read more about the growth of Cleveleys here

Two of the art-deco buildings at the left of this shot are still there today. One is Vincent’s Cafe – just at the right of Home Bargains.

Victoria Road Cleveleys in 1937, from Tuck Postcards

Victoria Market

This plot was more or less rebuilt and is now the dual entrance M&Co store. There’s a full article about Victoria Market here and lots more photos.

Victoria Market Cleveleys
Victoria Market Cleveleys

More Recent Photos

We’ve been here since 1999. Sadly I didn’t have the presence of mind to take lots of photos of Cleveleys as it was back then. These few are the ones that we did take.

This is the sea wall opposite Jubilee Gardens – you can just see The Venue at the left of the column. There were bays set into the sea wall with benches, where the local art club used to hold displays in the summer.

The old promenade at Cleveleys
The old promenade at Cleveleys

The next photo is about at the same spot, this time looking South. The footpath here was quite low and so each time there was a strong wind or a high tide the prom would be covered in stones and shingle from the beach. It’s about where the seafront cafe is now.

Old Cleveleys seawall
Old Cleveleys seawall near The Venue

The next photo is taken roughly opposite the skate park. At the right of the photo is one of a series of sunken gardens.

Earlier photos from previous decades show these planted out and well tended. By the time the promenade was rebuilt, not long after this photo was taken, the gardens had been replaced with tarmac. Their walls and structure were dilapidated from years of weather and sea damage.

Old Cleveleys seawall and sunken gardens
Old Cleveleys seawall and sunken gardens

This photo was taken where you’ll now find the curved plaza area at the end of Victoria Road West. You can just see the top of the big wheel at the original Kiddies Corner – now relocated a little further north but still on the seafront. The full length of the promenade here was lined with this built-in bench. From the main road, you’d see the top of dozens of heads enjoying the view in the fine weather!

Old promenade at Cleveleys
Old promenade at Cleveleys

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