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 Light up a Life Carol service at Cleveleys
Light up a Life Carol service at Cleveleys

Lighting the tree at Cleveleys
Lighting the tree at Cleveleys




Thornton Cleveleys Association of Commerce & Trade

Thornton Cleveleys Association of Commerce & Trade is a
long standing and well established membership organisation, which serves the retail community of Cleveleys and Thornton

Thornton Cleveleys Association of Commerce & Trade is proactive in promoting the benefits of shopping in Cleveleys and Thornton to both the resident and visiting general public.

It does this though its own projects and by working with other groups to support events, for example:

* Organising the Cleveleys Classic Vehicle Event
* Organising the Cleveleys Christmas Lights
* Being a partner in the Light up a Life Christmas parade event
* Organising Cleveleys in Bloom
* Working with Cleveleys Churches Together
* Running local events & fundraisers

The Chamber of Trade also manages the highly successful Shop Radio Scheme

The shop radio scheme joins together retailers in Cleveleys to help in the fight against petty crime, shop lifting, vandalism, opportunism etc.

The radios are linked to the police and enable the retailers to pass information through to the police and each other when suspicious activity or known criminals are around.

The radio scheme has played a significant part in keeping crime levels at a bare minimum in Cleveleys, and enabling retailers to trade in a safe environment and shoppers to shop in safety.

Benefits of Membership of Thornton Cleveleys Association of Commerce & Trade

* Inclusion in the shop radio scheme for full members of the Association
* Representation through the Chair to support the shops and trade in Cleveleys
* Strength through a group working together to achieve more
* Support and advice from your peers, especially useful for new shop keepers
* Monthly meetings to share information
* Promotion of Cleveleys both locally and in the North West



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