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Defibrillator on Rossall BeachDefibrillator on Rossall Beach

Invisible FlockInvisible Flock

Rossall Beach Group at ChristmasHaving fun at the Christmas meeting

Trustees of Rossall Beach Residents and Community GroupTrustees of Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group

Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group, Sainsbury's Local Charity of the YearRossall Beach Residents & Community Group, Sainsbury's Local Charity of the Year

Seafront table top sales Rossall Beach Residents & Community GroupSeafront table top sales Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

Community Beach Cleaning Rossall Beach Residents & Community GroupCommunity Beach Cleaning Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

Community garden Rossall PromenadeCommunity garden on Rossall Promenade 

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

Learn how to use a defibrillator with the Rossall Beach Group

Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group look after the shingle beach at Cleveleys.

That's the northern area of public seafront from the new cafe at the end of the stepped sea defences, towards the five bar gate at Rossall School. Their aim is to improve the area for everyone who uses it, whether they are residents of Cleveleys or visitors.

Learn How to Use Public Lifesaving Equipment on Rossall Beach

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group have provided an Automatic External De­brillator (AED) adjacent to the shingle beach at Cleveleys for use by the public, and are inviting everyone to come to an information session to see how to use it should they need to in an emergency.

Tues 5 April - 3pm - Cleveleys Community Centre

Your chance of surviving a heart attack is significantly improved with early CPR and defibrillation and without this, a person’s chance of surviving will decrease by 7-10% for every minute that treatment is delayed.

The UK Resuscitation Council suggests that a de­brillator should be available wherever medical treatment is more than 5 minutes away. Our beach is always such an incredibly busy place and next to an area of dense housing , so being able to provide this facility is a wonderful benefit to the many hundreds of visitors and local residents.

The Rossall Beach Group has been working with the North West Ambulance Service to provide this piece of equipment for use by any member of the public in case of a medical emergency. Having dialled 999 for emergency assistance the operator will provide a digital code for the keypad on the bright yellow housing unit, which releases the de­brillator for immediate use.

The commissioning process is underway and the AED is expected to be fully functional and ready for use early in April. One important part of this commissioning process is to make as many people as possible aware of what a de­brillator is and what it can do.

Everyone is invited to this familiarisation session which will cover basic life support skills and a demonstration of how to use the AED. It’s aimed at everyone who wishes to be familiar with an AED and is designed to remove fears about using one and give the user confi­dence.

This event at Cleveleys Community Centre, Beach Road on Tuesday 5th April, from 3pm will be hosted by North West Ambulance Service. The session will be very informal and we would like as many people as possible to attend, it’s not about training but how to use an AED.

Cheryl Pickstock from North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust added “It’s great to be able to work with and support the Rossall community to place this  vital piece of life-saving equipment for public use. In the UK, over 60,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur every year and without early defibrillation, that person has a very limited and minimal chance of survival.

"With more Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs) around, more lives can be saved. There is no legal requirement to be trained in defibrillation, the AED is designed to guide the user through its use, but having the ‘confidence’ to use one means the AED will be used without hesitation or delay”.

Similar units are being installed throughout the country and the more people that are aware of these units and not afraid of them, the more successful the outcomes will be – not just on Rossall Beach but elsewhere - and therefore I would ask you to make every effort to attend.

Everyone is welcome to attend this free session; there is no need to be a member of the group and no need to book a place.

For further information see, or telephone 01253 829390

Interactive arts collective flocks to Rossall Beach

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group who look after the shingle beach at Cleveleys have been working closely with arts organisation LeftCoast to develop an arts commission which will take place on the unique location of their beach throughout the summer of 2016, and funded by the LeftCoast Neighbourhood Commission Fund.

Fifty applications were received from arts practitioners based all over the UK and after a rigorous process of shortlisting, the Leeds based interactive arts organisation Invisible Flock were selected.

Described by the Guardian as ‘real innovators’, Invisible Flock are renowned for creating ground breaking work across multiple art forms. Often using technology in their work they create artwork which invite people to reimagine the world they live in and how they participate in it.

Jane Littlewood, Chair of the Rossall Beach group explains “We were looking for an organisation which would understand and ‘get’ what we are about. We wanted our project to be unique and creative, but rooted in the spirit of our own organisation – to be about the environment and about what we stand for as a group. At the final interview stage there really was no contest, the presentation from Invisible Flock stood out as a perfect choice.”

Laura Jamieson, Creative Engagement Manager at LeftCoast, said: “The interest in this commission from artists has been exceptional showing that there is a real desire to make work in this part of the world. It has also been great to work alongside the Rossall Beach group in developing the commission brief and selecting the artist, seeing their enthusiasm and excitement for finding the right artist to fit their community has been a fantastic.”

With details of the cutting edge project still under wraps for a few months, it’s sure to be innovative and wide reaching enough to attract new recruits to the group and be a talking point both here on the Fylde Coast and further afield.

David Hewitt, Secretary of the Rossall Beach group added “As with most voluntary organisations our regular members are somewhat older in years but we’re quite open minded and keen on technology, so we’re all itching to get started, learn new skills and get as much from this experience as we can.”

For more information about LeftCoast visit, call 01253 477973 or email

Anyone can become a member of the Rossall Beach Group and join in with activities. Find out more from

Read More

Rossall Beach Residents & Community group website

Rossall Beach Buddies Facebook Group

Enjoy a Beach Clean and a Brew!

The Rossall Beach Group have been beach cleaning every four weeks on a Monday morning since the group started about six years ago. It's good fun and comes with a warm sense of achievement and it's been a popular event.

Beach clean and a brew with the Rossall Beach Group

However, it can be quite a solitary occupation, most people tend to wander off on their own and litter pick in isolation. Plus, it's not an accessible activity for people with restricted mobility, so at the back end of 2014 we gave it a shake-up!

We're still meeting on the beach at 9.30am as usual to litter pick (equipment provided) but then making our way to The Venue for 10.45/11am for a coffee and a natter. 

It's been a popular addition to the morning, attracting the members who aren't able to come out litter picking, and giving us all chance to have a chat. 

Why don't you come along? You can do one part of the morning or both - anything goes with us!

Meeting Weds 12 November - LeftCoast

LeftCoast are the people developing arts and cultural activities in Wyre and Blackpool, by working with other organisations on joint projects.

Rossall Beach Meeting with LeftCoast

Michael Trainor, the artistic director of LeftCoast, came to our meeting to start exploring what kind of project could work for our patch of seafront at Cleveleys. 

What would you like to do? What would you like to take part in? It's a completely open canvas at this point so Michael will also be coming to the next beach clean then throwing some ideas about of things that have been done elsewhere, providing a bit of inspiration, and carrying on the conversation to start to develop a project for you and our group. 

Come along and join in! You don't have to be an eco-warrior to take part, or commit to any amount of time or involvement. Just share the basic interest in joining a group of like minded people, and the will to be part of a community. Everyone is welcome to take part.

June 2014

Prestigious Queen's Award for Voluntary Service awarded to Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

Cleveleys based Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group are delighted to have been chosen as one of just two groups in Lancashire to receive the prestigious Queen's Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) for 2014 - the MBE for groups of volunteers who work in their local community for the benefit of others.

This unique national honour was created by Her Majesty to mark the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and to recognise the outstanding contributions made to local communities by groups of volunteers; it has an equivalent status for voluntary groups to the MBE for individuals and is the highest award given to such groups across the UK for outstanding work done in their local communities.

Being assessed in late 2012
First assessment visit in late 2012

The group was nominated for the Award in September 2012 and has undergone a rigorous process of assessment by a regional committee before being passed to a national committee for final selection and recommendation to the Queen.

The trustees are thrilled to have received this prestigious award. It's recognition for the volunteers who have given so much of their time and work with such passion and enthusiasm. The group has stuck together through thick and thin, and achieved such a huge amount – the size of the report for the assessors was proof of that – and everyone has made so many friends and had so much fun doing it.

This prestigious UK National Honour recognises the outstanding voluntary contributions and achievement of those who spend their time helping others in the community to improve quality of life and opportunities, and sets the national benchmark for excellence in volunteering, with the work of those awarded being judged to be of the highest standard.

40 eligible groups were nominated for consideration in the North West, 18 of which were successful with just two of these being based in Lancashire.

The group has also received an invitation for representatives to attend a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace later this month and will receive a certificate signed by the Queen and an exclusive commemorative crystal; the award will be formally presented to the group by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant at a date to be announced later in the year. They are also now permitted to use the QAVS insignia for the life of its existence.

Meetings in 2016

Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Annual General Meeting - Cleveleys Community Centre
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Sunday 1:00pm MCS National Big Beachwatch Clean Up - All equipment provided
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Monthly Meeting 
Monday 9:30am Beach Clean and a Brew! - Rossall Beach (all equipment provided)
Wednesday 6:00pm Christmas Social Evening and Grand Draw - Cleveleys Community Centre
12:00pm Christmas Lunch

Meetings are open to everyone, no need to be a member of the group.

Held four weekly at 6pm at Cleveleys Community Centre, these meetings are a chance to find out what's happening and being planned.

There are regular beach cleans to get involved with and other projects to make it a nicer place for people and wildlife, plus fundraising and community events just for fun and to make new friends.

Meetings are informal and it's also a chance to catch up with like minded friends who care about where they live. If you care about the beach and seafront then you're welcome to come along.

You can find out more about Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group on Facebook by searching for ‘Rossall Beach Buddies’ or at

Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow (Nov 13)

Over the winter months of early 2013, members of the Rossall Beach Group started putting together a presentation about what they do, and how normal people can help to look after our beach without even having to leave the comfort of their own home!

Launch of Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow with patron Dr Robert Keirle
Launch of Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow with patron Dr Robert Keirle 

There's lots of interesting stuff in it - rubbish that's been found on the beach, bottles of fat to show what comes out of your cooking, 'flushable' wipes that just don't disintegrate, 'YUK' stickers for your garden gate to stop dog foulers, and lots of leaflets and information. The Roadshow has it's own characters too, including Gary the Gull in his red wellies and Larry the Lugworm with his light on his head!

Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow at Fleetwood Library

For groups there's a slide presentation with lots of photos of beach finds, and the accompanying display includes posters and messages from children, photos from beach cleans and explains what the Rossall Beach Group do.  

This Roadshow has already been out to local shopping centres, libraries, community groups and schools, encouraging and educating people about how to look after our beaches.

Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow at Fleetwood Library
Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow at Fleetwood Library

The Group have carried out monthly beach cleans for several years and see first hand what washes up on our shore. Especially after the replacement of the litter bins with ones suited to a windy climate, the problem isn't so much people dropping rubbish, more what the windy weather and stormy seas washes up.

Nowadays, sewage is treated and not pumped out to sea as it once was in the past. However, after periods of heavy rainfall, the sewage system often overloads with the excess rainwater which means that the system overflows into the river Wyre - either that or it would come up your toilet and the drains in the road - which is clearly unacceptable. It's after these overflows that you'll see sanitary waste on the beach.

This is where the Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow comes in, to show people that if they treat their drains with respect, it lowers the incidence of these 'combined sewer overflows' which inturn keeps our sea and beaches cleaner.

So what can you do?

Bottle of fat
This fat came out of one chicken!

Don't put fats and oils down your sink/drains. Like cholesterol in your veins, it reduces the capacity of the sewage pipes and so they can hold less water.

Don't put wipes, nappies, sanitary products down your toilet - they can cause them to block and reduce the flow

Don't use your toilet as a bin - cotton buds and any other rubbish should go in a litter bin!

Are you cross connected? Make sure that your foul sewage drains at home aren't connected to surface water pipes, this often happens when extensions have been built.

Pick up your dog poo. When you're out and about always pick it up - wherever it falls! Dog faeces on a beach/promenade can significantly contribute to water pollution.

Bag it and bin it

Revised EU Bathing Water Directive

In 2015 the European standards for bathing water testing will be twice as stringent as they are now. It's important that we all play our part in helping our bathing waters to get and stay clean, so that our bathing waters pass their test.

If they don't, signs will have to be erected advising people not to go in the water as it isn't clean enough - which will have a disastrous effect on tourism.

This change will affect all UK bathing beaches, not just those on the Fylde Coast. However, we have two challenges because we have the Ribble estuary in the south and the Wyre estuary in the north.

This is just a broad look at what's a big issue - you can find out more from and the group is also on Facebook at Rossall Beach Buddies.

Supermarket Sweep for Seafront Charity (May 13)

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group are delighted to have been chosen as store charity of the year by the Sainsbury’s Local on Victoria Road West, Cleveleys.

Each branch of the national chain has a charity which they support for a year - collecting funds and providing opportunities, support and public exposure for the chosen group, and the Rossall Beach Group are really thrilled to have been chosen for 2013/14.

Diane Rickman, Store Manager said “We are equally pleased to be able to help the Rossall Beach Group – this isn’t just a token gesture for us – we want to get involved and help where we can. It’s important to us that this opportunity really makes a difference to the charity who we work with, and we’re sure that they will get a lot from this chance.”

Sainsbury's Local, charity of the year

The Rossall Beach Group looks after the shore and public areas of seafront at the northern end of Cleveleys, making it a better environment for both people who use the space and for the wildlife which lives in the natural environment.

Jane Littlewood, Chair of the Group said “We’ve got a fantastic group of members and have achieved so much already, but we’ve got really big ideas and if Sainsbury’s can help us to spread the word and get more people to join in and get involved that’s worth just as much to us as any funds which we can raise.”

The Group’s aim is to improve the beach and seafront through better facilities and housekeeping in the area, including their regular beach cleaning events. They have also developed the Rossall Beach Buddies Roadshow which aims to explain why we all have to look after the beach and sea – even from our own homes – in anticipation of new bathing water testing standards which come into force from 2015.

Jane added “It was hugely thrilling to go into the shop for bread and see our collecting tins on the counter. Hopefully people will fill them and show their support for what we are doing for everyone’s benefit. There will be posters going in store soon.”

You can find out more about Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group on Facebook at ‘Rossall Beach Buddies’ or at

Find out more about the importance of improving bathing waters on the Fylde Coast and how you can play your own part, here.

More about Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

Formed almost four years ago, the groups objective has been to make this old section of seafront which was built in the early 1900’s as attractive as possible, given the fact that it won’t be rebuilt for at least another 10-15 years, because it isn’t at risk of flooding.

We work with Wyre Council and Lancashire County Council to carry out improvements, either to the fabric of the area or to the way it is maintained, to create a better place for everyone, and a better experience for visitors.

In September 2012, Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group became a registered charity.

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group were delighted to win the award for Best Community Group at the Wyre Together Awards ceremony held in January 2013 (below).

Rossall Beach Group win Best Community Group Award

We were thrilled to win the Wyre Stars in Tourism Award in April 2012, for 'Tourism in the Community', as a mark of what we've achieved.

We’ve had the handrails to the beach installed, new litter bins and benches, better street and beach cleaning, we campaigned for the roads and pavements to be resurfaced, and were instrumental in the installation of the new CCTV camera to reduce anti-social behaviour – which was why the group formed in the first place. We’re now in the process of becoming a Registered Charity.

Wildlife and information boards

In Spring 2012 a series of five interpretation boards were installed at the edge of the sea wall. Over a two year period, we’ve secured funding from the National Lottery and DONG Energy who installed the cable for the windfarm, and members have researched and developed the content for the boards. They tell the story of what’s to be seen across the sea, all about the windfarm, and about the wildlife that you can find on the beach.

At the end of Thornton Gate, next to the board which tells you about the views over the sea, you can also use the coin operated telescope.

Dog fouling on the beach is also a big ongoing campaign that we are just starting to step up for 2012 along with Northfold and Manor Beach primary schools, and that goes hand in hand with our monthly beach cleaning programme.

You can see posters that our local schools have produced to help reduce dog fouling at this link.

Beach Cleaning

Beach cleans are held every four weeks all through the year on Monday mornings, along with additional events through the year on Sundays. The first Sunday beach clean was held in October 2011, with lots of new people turning up to help and Rossall School providing tea and biscuits. The Waterfront Rangers support these events, and had made a display to hang on the handrail to the beach, showing how long it takes litter to decompose. Cans, bottles, rope and plastic all take hundreds, if not thousands of years to degrade, which is why it is important to get them out of the sea.

The litter which can be seen all year round on this beach is almost all coming from the water – from land and from boats. The rubbish which is collected is weighed and monitored and reported back to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). The Rossall Beach Group adopted the beach, and findings from beach cleans are used by the MCS to petition for reduction of pollution at source.

In May 2012, Rossall Beach Group hosted the Marine Conservation Society and Marks and Spencer Beach Clean in support of the M&S Forever Fish campaign. Staff from the Cleveleys store came along with one of their Directors, plus the public and members of the group. The M&S beach clean was held again on Monday 22 April 2013 and is an annual event.

The Fylde BeachCare project is working with groups like this one, and aiming to set up new groups along the coast, to try and improve litter and fouling so that the water quality levels pass the test during the bathing water season.

If you come along to any of the events, it’s a chance for you to find out more about the group, and also to contribute your thoughts.

The Rossall Beach Group is also about having fun and making friends and building a strong community. Fundraising events are held throughout the year, along with a monthly meeting at Cleveleys Community Centre on Beach Road where you can keep up to speed with what’s happening, plus social events. We also get involved with events like the Light Up a Life Christmas switch on.

Everyone is welcome to come along to a meeting and see if it’s for you. Membership is just £1 and anyone is welcome to join no matter where you are from. You might want to be an active supporter and get involved, or just keep up to date with the group.

You can find out more with all the current event and meeting dates from or ring 01253 829390.


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