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    Sweet Treats and Thank You's

    Whether you want a sweet treat 'because you're worth it' or whether you want to say thank you, there's always something to pick from at EntIcing Cakes.

    Dogs and Hot Cars

    With summer ahead and warm days already here, some advice from Vets 4 Pets at Cleveleys about dogs in hot cars - and what to do if you see a dog left in a parked car.

    Artwork: Sea Swallow Sculpture

    The white, 30' tall Sea Swallow sculpture stands over Cleveleys seafront, tall and white on the skyline.

    Artwork: Shipwreck  Memorial

    Where Cleveleys seafront meets Blackpool, stands a tall memorial to all the ships which have fallen in our waters.

    Artwork: The Ogre on the Beach

    Part of the story of the Sea Swallow, you'll find the Ogre on the beach...

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